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The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a big tea drinker and the second thing, that I’m lucky – very lucky!


People who know how many poor hands I’ve been dealt, may think that’s a strange thing for me to say, but it’s true!   Despite the soap-opera style dramas, broken hearts and unfortunate events – I’ve come out of it with a husband and (at long last) two daughters that I love, friends I cherish and a life that I truly wouldn’t change.

When I started my blog, we loooked like this and life was very different:

Beth was a little girl of eight and Phill and I weren’t yet married.  Now in our thirties and teens respectively – our lives are three cats, a mortgage and a new baby heavier!  But what a journey – and this website has chronicled it all.

vintage folly blonde mummy baby girl

We welcomed our rainbow baby Dorothy to the World in January after undergoing IVF treatment.   Parenting a baby and a teenager at the same time is a rather interesting challenge but hey – if life was easy it’d be boring right?  Right??!

betty and dottie sisters princesses

We live in the North of England but love to travel! We don’t go on holidays, we go on adventures and tend to come home feeling more tired than when we left.  Our little family has visited four continents so far and look forward to seeing as much of the World as we can.    Spending money on trips is probably our biggest vice…oh and food we love food.

pistachio cake recipe love heart valentines rose

I love to bake and cook and use my family, friends and colleagues as guinea pigs for my culinary experiments.  The good ones I share here and the bad ones, you will never EVER hear about haha!

ice cream cakes customised hand made

We’re a creative family too and we’ll try to turn our hand at most things.  Phill recently got the gardening bug, Beth likes anything sparkly (particularly of the make up variety) that makes a mess and me…I try to make things that are useful and beautiful.


We bought our home last year.  A 1930s house with all of it’s glorious original features hidden behind 1960s MDF, we’re having a great time stripping things back and revealing our home’s full potential.  The garden here is huge and filled with roses, so when we moved in, we named our quirkly little house, Rose Cottage.

house of foxy fashion show york festival of vintage

The older I get, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin and this old house has been the perfect place to grow into myself!  I feel I know my own style now in a way I never did when I was younger.  Instead of a rail of dreary greys and endless jeans, my wardrobe is filled with colour and pattern.  I was thrilled to win a Brilliance in Blogging Award for Style in 2013 and I’ve never looked back!

award brilliance in blogging

I’ve always loved vintage but now I finally feel confident enough to step out in pin curls and petticoats – and I do…often!

If there’s a vintage event then it’s likely I’ll be there, whether it’s a fair, a festival or a fabulous show – any excuse to rock out the red lippy and seamed stockings 🙂  I love having my picture taken (not that you’d have guessed haha!) and since launching Vintage Folly I’ve modelled for some of my favourite vintage and reproduction labels such as House of Foxy and Victory Parade, worked with amazing photographers and was thrilled to be featured in an editorial for Vintage Life Magazine.  I collect old china and jewellery and practice old fashioned beauty tricks and hobbies.  I’m very slowly learning to lindy bop (Beth is too) and my victory rolls get better every time I do them.

vintage life magazine

There’s no doom and gloom on this site.  Bad things happen to us – terrible things happen to us(!) but I try to see the positive side of life.  I write about the things I love.  Since September 2011 I’ve had hundreds of thousands of people visit my site and I feel very grateful for each and every one of them.  I’m always so excited to meet people that read my blog – I’m still surprised that so many of you are interested in what I have to say 🙂

Thank you for visiting today – I hope you’ll come back again…and again ….. and again!  Now that I’m on maternity leave, I need your company to keep my sanity – so please do join the conversation and comment away.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...