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Bedrooms are the last stop in everyone’s day. The routine of sleep starts with making sure the lights are off downstairs, the television and computers are switched off too.

As soon as you walk through the door to your bedroom, your body psychologically knows it can finally relax. Your body becomes slow as nerve activity begins to grind to a halt slowly. You eventually rest your eyes and off you go to into a melodic slumber. Have you ever considered what your surroundings do to your subconscious? The bedroom is a very primal place for human beings. It should symbolize a place of safety and warmth. On top of this is the most personal room as you get changed inside its walls. It’s therefore right to assert that the modern interior mindset is battling with the traditional mindset. If you welcome this, you’ll see cooperation between soft and hard interior design.

Classic dresser

They’re not going to be a man’s choice of decor, but dressing tables are important if you’re a woman. Contrary to popular belief, most women get ready to look their best in the bedroom. You may have mistaken the bathroom as being the haven, but actually, dressing tables offer the whole show. They have internal storage spaces, easy access drawers and the central piece being the large mirror. Classic pieces were very boastful because of course, they were periodic. Georgian, Victorian, Baroque, Italian Renaissance you name it, the dresser was loved by these styles. Very intricate and hand-carved, the oval mirrors are still sold today. They may have taken on a new charm as modernisation drags almost everything along with it.  


The true companion

When you wake up in the middle of the night to put on your glasses or check your phone, where do you reach? It’s always going to be your humble night companion the bedside table. Short, stocky and the closest piece of furniture to you when you’re asleep, it plays a more personal role than other pieces might. Traditional furniture hasn’t forgotten this role the side table plays and such, the styles have been kept alive. One of them being the Normandie from Baker Furniture. It also exhibits itself as a chest because it’s made from high quality and strong wood. Solid Indonesian Mahogany, it’s finished with a high gloss. Elegant and confident, it strikes of the Victorian era with it’s short and wide double legs. It’s one of those pieces that cannot melt away into the background, as it must play an imposing part in the overall sophistication of the room.


Gentle shimmers

If you’re going to go full pelt for the classic and or traditional look, why would a modern lamp be at your side? Surely the only way to keep true would be for a lantern to sit beside you. Encased in metal and domed in moulded glass, a candle can shimmer and flicker throughout the night. Strong vertical lines are again of the Victorian era, however, gentler swirling and flowing designs will be heading into the 17th and 18th centuries.

Where would we be without the styles that have gone before everything we see today? It’s easy to be consumed by modern, contemporary, chic and urban designs but the bedroom really got the attention it deserved when skilled carpenters made pieces of the upper classes.

Be a social butterfly...