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By prepping and priming your child for learning, you can help them to perform to the best of their abilities at school. There are a number of different ways you can help to get them ready and then help them while they are at school. Here are some pointers that should help you!


Talk About School In A Positive Way

Make sure that the language you use around school is as positive as possible. This will ensure that they are excited and eager to get into the coming year at school. You could even ease them into it by showing them pictures online, and telling them some great stories from when you were at school.


Set Aside Time For Homework

Homework is going to be a big part of your child’s life when they go to school. They’ll be expected to do homework regularly, whatever year they may be in. In no time at all, they’ll be asking for coursework help! The time really does fly. To make sure they’re doing their homework and getting the most from it, set up their own little quiet space where they can focus. Make sure you’re there to help them if they need it, but don’t helicopter around them.


Play Educational Games With Them At Home

Playing educational games with your kids at home could be a great way for them to learn. It’s possible to do this online, but playing games offline is still great. Even games like Monopoly can encourage math and problem solving skills.


Read To Them

Start reading to your kids as early on as possible. When they are old enough, get them to read to you too. Take it in turns! Reading and listening to you develops all kinds of skills, including speaking, listening, and general communication. It may also enhance their imagination, and their own writing skills. A love of reading is great, whatever age a person may be.


Make Sure They’re Not Spending Too Much Time Online

Although sometimes the online world can be helpful, too much time online will be bad for your kids. Make sure they’re not spending too much time on social media, and that the internet isn’t affecting their sleeping patterns. Bear in mind that it’s easy for kids to see content they maybe shouldn’t be seeing online. This can lead them to develop warped views of the world and even a warped view of themselves. Encourage them to talk to you about any concerns!


Encourage Your Kids To Speak To You

Following on from the last point, you must encourage your kids to speak to you. Not just about things they may have seen online, of course, but if they are struggling with their learning/studies too. If they tell you, you can do something about it. This could mean meeting with their teacher, or getting them help outside of school.


Hopefully, these tips have given you some great inspiration to prepare your kids for learning and the whole school experience. Leave your thoughts below!

Be a social butterfly...