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Planning your perfect home should be easy, right? After all, when you know what you want, you just have to start working on those renovation plans and everything will fall into place. Or will it?

Because a lot of the time, doing up your home is so much more work than you could ever imagine. And one of the hardest parts of all can be deciding on the layout. You may just assume that you should stick with the rooms and space that is already laid of for you. But if you really want to make your home work for you, you should seriously consider shifting around some of that space.

Spare Room to Office

When it comes to your upstairs space, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to keep all of the set bedrooms as bedrooms. But, you may not need to. If you have your master and a spare room, or even rooms for the kids sorted, then why stick with more guest rooms when the space could be put to better use? If you’ve yet to get a space for yourself, that spare room could work out a lot better in the form of an office. But this is just food for thought.

Spare Room to En Suite

At the same time, if you already have an office downstairs, or you’ve made one room into your study, and you’ve still got more, there’s another idea that could work. And this is often particularly useful when you have a small box style room to work with. Because if your master bedroom doesn’t have a master bath, you might want one. So click here for inspiration on what look you could pull together. And start working on that more useful en-suite as soon as you can.

Garage to Kitchen Extension

But the upstairs space isn’t the only area that you could consider for conversion. You may find that turning that unused garage into something more useful could work out better. And that’s definitely the case when your garage is attached to the kitchen. So why not think about converting and extended your kitchen at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

Garage to Cinema Room

If your garage isn’t connected to your kitchen or your kitchen is already the right size, you may want to think about converting your garage into something a little more exciting, like a movie theater. Because who doesn’t want their own cinema room at home? With key pieces like a comfy sofa and projector, the space could be transformed.

Attic to Master Suite

And finally, you could always head on up. Because there’s also your attic space to think about. And if it’s currently going unused, you should definitely work on changing that. Even if you’re happy with the room you have now, you have to admit, creating a master suite out of the space you have spanning the width of your house is definitely exciting. So could that be a brand new master suite calling your name?

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