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Whether you’ve just moved into your first home and are starting from scratch, or you’ve been living in your home for years but everything is in need of modernisation- here are some ideas for going about it.


Clean, declutter and organise

You can instantly make your home look better just with a good clean and declutter. It might not look especially chaotic, but when things don’t have a place it’s easy for them to pile up or end up cluttering drawers, cupboards and taking over sides. Go through everything you own, it can make it easy to get three big boxes and label them ‘bin’ ‘friends’ and ‘donate’. Any item you’re not sure about, you can then use the boxes to decide the best place for it to go. Let your friends go through the ‘friends’ box, and give the ‘donate’ box the the charity of your choice. This is useful for getting rid of items that are still good but that you just don’t personally use. Better they go to a home where they’ll be used and appreciated rather than gather dust in a drawer. Once you’ve got rid of what you don’t need, you can go about finding storage systems for what you have left- items you use and love. Built in wardrobes are useful in bedrooms as they run from floor to ceiling so provide lots of storage space. They can be custom fitted around any nooks and crannies meaning they’re ideal even in small and awkward shaped rooms. Cupboards under the stairs can be fitted with hooks and shoe racks for coats, shoes and umbrellas. A kitchen boiler cupboard could be fitted with shelves and turned into a walk-in pantry. Really aim to make the most of the space you have, with the right storage and organisation and regular decluttering sessions your home will always stay neat and tidy and will be practical as well as beautiful. Wash any soft furnishings you plan on keeping- curtains, cushion covers, throws and other things that only need cleaning every so often. Hire a carpet cleaner or have a professional company come out and clean any carpets or rugs that you plan on keeping.

Decorate- walls and flooring

Once your home is tidy and organised, you have a blank canvas to work with. When it’s decluttered and cleaned however with less items, chances are you’ll be able to notice the extent of how much the decor needs updating! You want your own little piece of real estate looking its best, and so it’s worth refreshing the decor every so often. Remove fussy, outdated or peeling wallpaper and paint the home in a light, neutral shade. This will help the light to bounce around and make the most of the space that you have. It makes decorating and accessorising easy, as just about anything will work with neutral decor. Clean carpets that can be salvaged, but any that are threadbare or just past their best consider replacing. While this can be a considerable cost, it will make such a big difference to your home and you could find deals in carpet shops or even on eBay on less expensive carpets. Downstairs, consider using a hardwearing floor covering instead of carpet- wood, laminate, vinyl or natural stone tiles would work well. They’re easy to clean and so any mud, pet accidents, spilt food or anything else can be easily taken care of with no lasting damage. If you look under your current carpets, you might be lucky enough to have one of these floor coverings underneath already which can be spruced up with a little effort.  


Choose the furniture

Is your furniture past its best? Perhaps you have missing drawer fronts, rickety cupboards, unmatching pieces or just generally items that look dated and aren’t your style. First of all, it could be worth seeing what could be salvaged. Sometimes a lick of paint and some new handles can bring a piece of furniture right up to scratch. If you do need to replace it, shops like Ikea sell mass produced pieces very cheaply and along with the right accessories they can look really nice. Otherwise, check out classified sites for people getting rid of things cheaply or for free or again see if anything is suitable for upcycling.


Add accessories and furnishings

Finally, it’s the finishing touches that will really bring your home to life. These pieces will make it look cosy, comfortable and homely. Think lamps, rugs, cushions and throws. If you’ve gone with neutral decor then you could bring in some colour with these kinds of items. Buy a vase and fill it with pretty flowers, you can buy bunches from supermarkets for just a few pounds. Otherwise you could cut some from your garden or go on a walk every week and pick some wildflowers. Plants add colour, texture and life to a room, and things like photo frames help you to personalise the space and make it feel like yours. You’ll need good lighting, a statement light would work well if the rest of your room is very plain, otherwise a just a simple shade will make the room look finished.  Lamps help you to control the light and therefore the ambience in the home. These kinds of things don’t need to be expensive. Ebay, pound shops, supermarkets and ex catalogue shops all have nice items that cost next to nothing but can make a huge difference to your home. Just be sure to go with quality over quantity, after decluttering the last thing you want to do is fill your home back up again. Go with few key pieces that you really love, don’t just buy the first thing you see. One tip is to style your room according to a theme, that way all of the items you choose can be purchased in the same style and it will all work together beautifully. Search Pinterest for things like shabby chic theme, ethnic theme, beach theme and more for ideas.

How would you go about revamping your home on a budget? Do you have any more ideas?

Be a social butterfly...