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If you have decided to put your home on the market, it is important to advertise it effectively and make all the required changes beforehand. In this blog post, you will discover lots of useful tips that can help you to do this…


How to negotiate the best commission with your agent

Negotiating commission… easy, you barter for the cheapest deal, right? Wrong! It is much more about hitting a good balance than it is about negotiating lower fees. Most sellers try to barter the lowest possible commission with their estate agent. It makes sense – you don’t want to give away a large percentage of your sale. Nonetheless, there is such a thing as going too far, and if you bring commission down substantially you could actually end up hurting yourself.


You need to look at it from both angles. Yes, you have secured a great sale commission, but what impact is this actually going to have? Is the estate agent going to feel incentivised to sell your property? Surely they will put other properties first whereby the seller is offering him or her a higher commission amount? Not only will the agent be lacking in motivation, but also they may cut corners on brochures, advertising and such like, to ensure their profit margin is worth it. Thus, you could lose out in the end.


There is a lot more to negotiating commission than simply looking for the best deal in financial terms. You may have to spend a bit more, but you will benefit from a much better service, and undoubtedly will make more. Also, do you really want someone to be selling your house that is so easily beaten down on price?


Negative feedback won’t break you… it will make you!

You keep having viewing, after viewing, after viewing, but no one is making an offer! Instead of sitting there and feeling extremely frustrated, you should ask your estate agent the question you fear the answer to… “Why?”


Don’t accept a vague answer either. If your solicitor tells you that the viewers did not find your home suitable, ask them for further elaboration. Perhaps they did not like the fact that your home was on a busy road – well, there’s nothing you can do about this! But, if they felt your kitchen was out-dated, this is something you can attend to.   


There is no shame in receiving negative feedback about your home. If you embrace the comments and endeavour to fix them when possible, you will soon find that you generate greater interested and an offer comes rolling in.


Remember, every product you see in a store has been tested. There has been extensive user feedback for it to get to the status it is today. You aren’t expected to get it right as soon as you put your property on the market. But so long as you learn from the feedback you receive, you will get it right before you know it.


Four reasons a property brochure can help sell your property

So many sellers and estate agents are scrapping an actual brochure in favour of simply showcasing their property online. Why not have both? A brochure still has great value, and here’s why…


  • It’s tangible – People react better to something when they can touch it, pick it up, and put it down. It gives them the chance to view it at their own leisure and they enjoy doing so.
  • You appeal to those that do not have a printer / do not use the Internet – Not everyone has a printer. Not everyone uses a computer. If your home appeals to retired couples you could be doing yourself some serious damage by not having an actual brochure printed.
  • Attractive and professional – You make a good impression by having a beautifully printed brochure of your property. has some good examples. It generates greater appeal and makes your property appear more exclusive.
  • You are connecting with your audience in another way – All good marketers will tell you that in order to advertise anything successfully you need to embrace multi-channel marketing, rather than focus on one strategy. This includes everything from print advertising, to post, to telephone, to email, to face-to-face meetings. A brochure adds another dimension to what you are offering and this can only be positive.


When NOT to put your home for sale

There is one time of the year whereby properties simply do not sell and, in fact, it is advisable to take yours off the market during this period. When? Christmas, of course!


Christmas is a chaotic time. When have you ever heard of anyone going property hunting during the festive period? Moving house suddenly becomes last priority and you will struggle to make your home seen through the array of Christmas adverts.


In fact, having your home on the market during Christmas can end up being a negative. First and foremost, let’s say you do have a booking. Is it likely that your home is going to be staged well for a viewing during this period? When does anyone’s home look de-cluttered during the festive months?


If your property does not attract interest during these weeks, which most won’t, then you are going to start losing value. Your home will look unattractive because no one seems to be generating any interest in it. That’s why it is better to take your property off the market and then once Christmas passes you can advertise as if you are a new home for sale. Plus, your estate agent is likely to be distracted during this period anyway, and thus you won’t be getting your full return on the fees you are paying.


The real reason why your home isn’t selling!

Your home has been on the market for months now and it’s not selling. Discover the real reason why…


  • Poor condition – It is so important to make sure you attend to anything that is broken before conducting any home viewings. If your home appears in poor condition the buyer is going to assume they will have to spend tons of money in order to get it up to scratch.
  • Out-dated/tacky décor – Everybody has different taste, but two things most buyers dislike is décor that looks cheap and décor that is out-dated. Instead, approach it with the ‘less is more’ attitude and keep things neutral. Why not replace your crazy artwork with a few neutral frames such as those from or landscape paintings? You definitely need to make sure you do not have anything offensive on your walls.
  • A crazy price tag – I don’t believe in hitting the panic button and lowering the price of your home when you aren’t receiving interest. But, have you priced your property crazily high to begin with? What are your neighbours or similar properties asking for?
  • Bad location – Unfortunately a poor location is one of the main reasons for struggling to sell your home. Whilst you can’t pick up your property and put it somewhere else, you can make an effort to advertise the good things about the neighbourhood and local area in order to even it out.


Hopefully, you now feel more prepared to sell your property. If you follow the tips and suggestions that have been provided in this blog post, you should be able to sell your home quickly and rectify anything that is putting buyers off at present.


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