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The Game of Thrones memes have warned up that “winter is coming” for several weeks, and now is the time to start preparing your home for the colder months.

Frankly, there’s no better place to start than the lounge as you’ll be spending far more time in this room than you did in summer.

Transforming your living room into a place of warmth and happiness can feel daunting, but it needn’t be. Follow this simple five-point plan, and the war over winter will be yours.


#1. Overcome Lost Heat

A solid temperature is the essential foundation for success in this challenge. Energy-efficiency is crucial throughout the home but is particularly important in the living room. Thick curtains, draught excluders, and a thick floor rug will all aid the loss of heat.

There’s still time to upgrade the windows and heating systems too. Those jobs will actively increase the value of the property, which makes them well worthwhile. Even if you can’t complete those jobs, though, the smaller ones above should be on the agenda.

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#2. Add Warm Colours

The colour scheme is an essential aspect of any room, and it will have a massive impact on the vibe. This makes it the perfect element to banish the winter blues, not least because it’s very easy to complete the transformation.

Even painting one feature fall can generate a sense of warmth. Understand the colour wheel, and you’ll be sure to achieve great results. Even if it means using accessories and ornaments to gain those results, the hard work will soon pay dividends.


#3. Encourage Light To Enter The Room

As well as injecting a dash of colour, you should always aim to bring light into the room. Keep the curtains open during the daylight as the sunlight can actively raise the temperature. More importantly, increased brightness brings happiness and energy.


Aside from natural light, electrical lighting can work wonders. The modern ranges of table lamps give you a chance to achieve this goal while boosting the aesthetic charm. Meanwhile, adding a dimmer switch to the ceiling light puts an even greater sense of control into your hands.


#4. Create A Cosy Atmosphere

The cosiness of a lounge can be extremely comforting in the winter months. While the decorative pieces certainly have a telling impact, nothing is as important as the furniture. Style, comfort, and luxury are the three factors to look for.

This Chesterfield sofa sale is the perfect way to tick all the boxes. Simple additions like cushions and blankets can further enhance the warm feelings during the winter months. Candles are another great way to improve the vibe and add a little heat too.


#5. Get Rid Of Junk

There’s a huge difference between cosy and cluttered. Attending a boot sale to get rid of unnecessary items may be the best step you’ll ever take. Not only will it encourage a happier space, but it’ll make it easier to keep the lounge clean too.

When it comes to new additions, try to keep floor space clear. Whether that means using shelves or television wall mounts doesn’t matter. When supported by the other winter warmers, the overall results are sure to bring perfection.


Be a social butterfly...