Be a social butterfly...

It might be early in the season, but this darker nights and chilly mornings have our family looking forward to all the wonderful celebrations of Autumn…..particularly Halloween.  Beth’s so excited about Halloween this year.  I think it’s the prospect of new neighbourhood friends, visiting our house as trick or treaters.

ghostly lollipops suckers halloween craft

I’ve seen this craft doing the rounds but this is Beth’s version and I’m sure you will agree, any trick or treater would be happy to receive one of these ghostly lollipops.

ghostly lollipop halloween craft

You will Need

Lollipops /suckers  we used mini chupa chups 

White fabric (you could also use tissue paper or paper towel)

Pipe cleaners


Something to draw around



  • Find a circular object to draw around.  It needs to be large enough so that when draped over your lollipop, the edges come about 2/3 down.

draw a circle

  • Cut a circle per lollipop.
  • Snip your pipe cleaners into lengths that will twist around the lolly stick and have a little to curl at the ends.  Our pipe cleaners cut into three.
  • Lay the circle over your lollipop and twist a pipe cleaner around the stick to create a ‘scarf’.
  • Draw or stick on some googly eyes.

beth with her halloween craft

  • Try not to let your little ones eat the ghosties before Halloween.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...