Be a social butterfly...

It isn’t that I’m a huge fan of Halloween, I’m just a huge fan of seasonal events.  I love any party/celebration/gathering that marks the passing of the months and years and gives me an excuse to decorate!

I think my love for bunting is well known, but perhaps my novice status when it comes to machine sewing is not!  I am fairly accomplished when it comes to hand sewing, but my sewing machine, Rupert, still scares me a little bit.  So while I am giving you a ‘how to’ guide for this bunting, you might find that yours look nicer, neater if nothing else!

The strength of this bunting is in the fabric.  This fabulous design is by Alexander Henry and can be bought on ebay.  As the seller was listing the fabric in ‘fat quarters’, I bought four, giving me a full yard of fabric.  This was more than enough for 10-12 triangles.

For the backing fabric I chose this black starry fabric, which I also used to make a Halloween tablecloth.  I used nice fabric as that way the bunting can be reversed and reused for another event; a space themed party perhaps.

To begin with I chose the size of triangle.

I liked the size of this bunting that I hang in our dining room and when I laid it over the individual (fabulous) ladies, they fit quite well.  So I used these as a template.

  1. Make a cardboard template, 8 inches across by 10 inches top to bottom
  2. Turning the fabric, wrong side up, draw around the template, trying to fit as much of the ladies into each triangle.
  3. Cut out the triangles.  I used pinking shears as I didn’t want the fabric to fray.
  4. Do the same with your backing fabric.
  5. Pin together front and back triangles and decide which order you would like your ladies.
  6. Sew a ‘v’ shape into the triangles, attaching the back to the front but leaving at least an inch at the top.  I used a standard running stitch on a sewing machine, but this could be done by hand.
  7. You can use ribbon, cord or cotton tape to attach the triangles.  I used cotton tape.
  8. One triangle at a time, pin the tape between the two fabrics and carefully sew along the top.
  9. Trim all edges and stray bits of cotton.

Hang and admire!

Happy Halloween!!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...