Be a social butterfly...

We picked these up these skull shaped shot glasses last Halloween and never got round to using them for anything.  I’ve seen them available in all the major UK supermarkets this year so they should be pretty easy to come by.

skull shot glasses halloween

I’m not a big fan of shots :-S Hubster and his friends love curiously flavoured alcohol in tiny glasses but I like pudding 🙂

So I made mini trifles in the skull glasses and didn’t even get to eat one!  The children nabbed them (those pesky kids).

hannah eating halloween skull trifle brain

My little niece Hannah said “they look scary but taste yummy” as she ate what Beth said was a ‘brain’ :-/

Beth and I baked some mini cakes but you could always use a piece of a larger cake and that was the most work we put into it!  We just used bog standard jelly and even ready made custard.


We topped the little skulls with fresh cream and black edible glitter.

skull trifle


spooky skull trifle halloween food

Happy Halloween!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...