Be a social butterfly...

If you shop at Tesco and take a peak in the Christmas issue of their free magazine, you may see a familiar face!!


As a food/craft/family/home/beauty/lifestyle/everything blogger I take alot of pictures!  Sometimes my little family sit and wait to start eating their dinner, just incase I want to photograph it first.  They sit there and look up at me, moving their cutlery out of the way :-S

These days if I have developed a recipe and want to photograph the finished product before it’s devoured, I take a picture before they come to the table.  This is partly because it’s a bit mean to keep them waiting, but also because I worry that they’ll think I’m a bit odd!

Food blogging is a bit odd when you think about it….spending hours playing with food, styling food, photographing food, just because I enjoy it??  But some lucky people do this as a job!!

A few weeks ago I was invited to spend a day behind the scenes on one of Tesco’s food shoots.  I met the team including food photographer Howard Shooter, whose shelves look like this!!

shelves of gorgeous stuff

Howard’s studio is my dream work space!


The high tech kitchen was already filled with delicious smells when I arrived and Home Ec, Sian was busy creating the second of six incredible dishes.

fish cakes



There were shelves of exquisite pieces of crockery and glassware, drawers of linen and cutlery and the poshest camera I’ve ever seen on a big arm that looked like an x-ray machine!  It was a world away from me snapping away in my dining room 🙂

bowls vintage


glasses rainbow

Stylist Nichola was overseeing the shoot and I was taken aback by how particular she was with every little detail.  She would set up a shot, a photograph would be taken and I’d think perfect!  That’s it!  Job done!

props vintage tesco food

Then they’d make a slight adjustment….even better!

Another little change and the image would be better still.


Howard gave me lots of great advice that I now use in my own photography.

camera howard shooter

In particular he taught me about light, perspective and context; that an image shouldn’t just look good, it should make sense.   That might sound obvious but it really has made a difference to my photography!  Something as simple as the placement of your cutlery can be the difference between an image that looks contrived and one that looks authentic.


Lunch was my choice so we had sushi.   Mmmmmm sushi 🙂

By the end of the day I felt at home enough to have a proper nosey and even cheeky enough to ask if I could take home some of the tomatoes that were growing in the courtyard!

green tomatoes

I left with an armful having promised Howard a nice jar of green tomato chutney.  If you follow me on facebook, you’ll know that that ended in complete disaster!  I’ll explain more in another post haha!

Thank you very much to Tesco, Howard, Nichola, Sian and Jenny for making my day so special and granting me my wish 🙂

Love Rachel


PS.  Sian’s food tasted as good as it looked!

Be a social butterfly...