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New Year is such a strange event isn’t it??  Essentially midnight on the 31st is no different to midnight on any other day! Once big Ben has fallen quiet, everything is exactly as it was before.

A change in date cannot wash away the trials and tribulations of the previous year; nor will it make you more likely to achieve the goals you have been putting off.  Somehow though, every December, we embrace  the coming Year as though it is a fresh start.

Personally I don’t think this is a bad thing.  Yes most people will wake up in a few hours with a hangover and the night will not be a pleasant one for everyone; but it is the one time when we are expected, even encouraged to take stock of our lives.

New Year’s resolutions, though often broken within weeks, at least give us the opportunity to assess our lifestyle and set goals for the coming year.   Of course we can do this at any time, but for me, the disposal of last year’s calendar and the instatement of a fresh clean one, is the most obvious opportunity to start afresh.

Oooh just look at the clean, crisp pages, the dates without commitments or deadlines.  So many possibilities, so much time.  I love it.

I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s Eve celebrations; they rarely live up to expectations.  I think the fact that you know you are supposed to be having an amazing night makes having one so much more difficult.  The logistics are a nightmare, more often than not you begin to develop a hangover before you even go home and someone ALWAYS cries.  Maybe one year I’ll find the perfect formula and then just stick to it?!

This New Year was the quietest I’ve had since Beth was two years old and I put her to bed and cleaned the house!!  This year we had planned a nice quiet evening in, just the three of us and then a drive to crash a few friend’s/family parties up until Midnight.

But then, disaster: poor Phill became quite poorly and spent the evening in bed!  Myself and Beth, stranded miles from anyone else that we know, spent the evening watching our favourite shows, eating junk food and making plans for 2012.

At around 10 we went for a walk and counted the stars.  To our surprise the local Chinese take -away was open, so we bought a huge bag full of fortune cookies and mused about how the fortunes might apply to our future.  We then joined Phill in his sick bed and together we watched the televised fireworks in London, trying to spot where we had been stood last New Year’s Eve.

Phill managed to get up and together we launched two Chinese lanterns; one bidding farewell to 2011 and one welcoming in 2012.  The second was a slightly rocky take off – I hope it isn’t a sign of things to come!!

For the last eight years or so, I have started the New Year by listening to Here Comes the Sun, the moment I find myself alone after Midnight.  For me it is exactly what New Year is all about: naive optimism!  Where would we be without a little naive optimism from time to time??

2012 will be a huge year for us: there are so many big things happening.

From myself, Phill and Bethany, we hope that you have had a lovely evening and wish you and your loved ones, all the best in the new year.



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Be a social butterfly...