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My love for Choccywoccydoodah runs deep.

After Phill’s beautiful proposal I of course went out and bought a stack of Wedding magazines!  Most men will not understand the rules of Wedding mags but any bride knows that they are filled with advertisements and so must first be ‘flicked through’ before closer inspection of interesting images, articles etc.

I flicked through the first with little hesitation and picked up the second.  There it was.  The most beautiful object I had ever seen.

Choccywoccydoodah.  Even the name sounds eccentric and fabulous!  ‘Too expensive’ I thought.  well look at it – this was clearly a Cake shop reserved strictly for the rich and famous, not the likes of Rach and Phill!

Wedding preparations got under way with little talk about a cake.  As a prolific baker I felt that either I should make our cake, or it should be something that I could never, ever possibly make!  Then Choccywoccydoodah came to television!

I am a big fan of ‘weddingy’ shows – give me Bridezillas, Don’t Tell the Bride and Four Weddings any day, but Phill can’t stand them.  I love craft shows – I’d watch Kirstie Allsopp ’til I adopted her accent if I could, but Phill isn’t interested.  Our shared taste in TV is limited to our love of fairly twisted comedies!

Imagine my shock when I caught Phill, making his way through all the Choccywoccydoodah programmes we have saved!?

He loves them!  All the square pegs, the Choccywoccydoodah-ians and their lovely works of culinary art!  He started to talk about their Wedding cakes as though ordering ours from a rather expensive, ‘as seen on TV’,  cake shop on the other side of the country might actually be an option!  When Christine got involved in our ‘Battle of the Sexes’ on Twitter – he loved them even more – even if they were on my side!

I on the other hand, had more lowly expectations and began looking for somewhere that could produce a Choccywoccy – style cake, a little closer to home.

I used to work in a Bridal Shop.  There was no-one more difficult to please than a Bride who had already found her perfect dress but for whatever reason couldn’t have it.  once you’ve seen ‘the one’ nothings can ever compare.  There are many beautiful Wedding Cakes made in the North West, but none quite lived up to the lofty expectations I had developed since watching the show.  Even the Choocywoccy style cakes, though beautiful, were not quite right- like a poor man’s Choocywoccydoodah!

In life I often think that if you can’t have what you want, you should find something completely different, rather than make do with a poor imitation; so unable to have my Choccywoccydoodah cake, the search went on for a completely different look.

As you can see, my gorgeous fiancé had a very different solution to the problem as here we are after our consultation with Choccywoccydoodah’s Gavin!  It took five hours to drive there and we were all exhausted so please excuse the luggage bags under my eyes – but what a beautiful backdrop? 🙂

Gavin asked us questions about our Wedding style and colours and whether there was anything in particular we wanted.  Beth had drawn up her own design which foolishly I forgot to take a photo of 🙁 It features, amongst MANY other things, little butterflies which they will incorporate into the bespoke (YES! BESPOKE) design and a giant bar of chocolate which they will not lol!  The final look will be voluptuous and vintage!

We tasted a number of cakes, Beth was quite partial to the coffee cake which was a surprise, I could’ve eaten a whole Ginger Cake and afterwards Phill considered buying a whole chocolate praline cake!  Clearly Choccywoccydoodah cakes taste as good as they look!

And did we commit to ordering?  Yes we did, ordered and paid for, we won’t actually know what our Wedding Cake looks like until the big day is here!!  The control freak inside me is going berserk!

My friend Kat can’t quite believe that I would actually relinquish the final decisions when it comes to our wedding Cake, but I trust these square pegs!

I think that the standard of the works of chocolate art in the window shows the phenomenal talents of the Choccywoccydoodah-ians and I feel very confident leaving our Cake in their hands.  I can’t wait to eat…I mean see it!



PS.  If you fancy having a nosy at our Wedding plans you can do so by clicking here – go on, we don’t mind lol




Be a social butterfly...