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back garden

When we moved into Rose Cottage, we inherited a lot of garden!  Most of it was bare soil with some mature rhododendrons, camellias and azaelias and alot of 40 odd year old roses roses (hence the name we gave the house).

geranium and alan titchmarsh rose


sweet juliet apricot rose

We decided very early on that we wanted to add more roses.  Although the ones in the garden were old, they were modern varieties and unfortunately they have a much more limited lifespan than their Old English cousins.  So we’re taking cuttings and plan to remove and replace the bushes once we’ve established their offspring!



climbing rose

We brought alot of roses with us too.  The ‘Rachel Rose’ that Phill bought me when we first met, a lilac-pink rose named after Alan Titchmarsh and a delicate white climber that Beth has had since she was five!  We’ve added Pink Perpetue, Sweet Juliet, Queen Elizabeth, Superfairy, Ballerina…..the list goes on and on.  I think I have a bit of a problem ha!

chive flowers



So we have alot of roses!  But we also have alot of weeds.  Why, why, why do weeds exist!!?? And slugs…what are they for!? Both are my enemies and while I’ve all but given up on the snails, I decided that my best form of defence against the weeds was to fill every nook and cranny with plants.  My reasoning was that if all the soil, water, air and light was taken up by flowers, there wouldn’t be any room for weeds.

alan tutchmarsh pink rose


special child white rose

We’ve tried to fill the beds with bee friendly, cottage style plants that complement the roses.  There’s no order – we just plant anything that smells and looks beautiful!

snap dragons


apricot rose

It’s worked to a degree – there are far less of the little buggers, but we’ve a long way to go before they’re blocked out completely.  I think the front garden is just about there.

front garden

What do you think?

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...