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Hello lovelies,

What a busy couple of weeks it has been for us!?  I have been trying to keep secret as many of the details for our wedding as possible and as such I can barely tell you about any of my crafts or vintage finds at the moment 🙁  What I can tell you about is our adventures and here is one of the most recent!

After the Wedding Bunting project was featured in our local newspaper, The Lancashire Evening Post, we received a phone-call asking us if we’d like to be on the breakfast show at BBC Radio Lancashire?  We debated for all f two seconds before saying YES!  Then came the sticking point; the studio is in Blackburn and you have to be there for 8.30.  Although Blackburn is not a massive distance from our home, 8.30 am would put us on the motorway right in the middle of rush hour and who would take Beth to school?  We toyed with a  few solutions for her before realising that this would be a great opportunity for her to learn a little about how a radio station works and simply asked her head teacher for permission to bring her to school a little later.  She of course agreed and the next morning, off we went.

Despite setting off in more than enough time, we were late, very late and our 8.30 slot turned into 8.50!!  But we made it and it was great!      I have never been in that sort f live broadcast situation before and was incredibly nervous….until I began to speak!  I had been worried that I wouldn’t have anything to say, that I might talk too quickly or that I might even begin to suffer from some kind of tourettes and start cursing at the good people of Lancashire. Once I started talking it was easy, in fact I probably talked to much!  Sat in front of the microphone I began to wonder if I had a face for radio ;-P and then within a few minutes it was over.

We met comedian Ted Robbins, to whom Beth was especially excited to say hello, as he is the presenter of one of her favourite TV shows; ‘The Slammer’.  Listening to the show I was shocked to hear my own voice…do I really talk like that???  What a strange experience?  I didn’t embarrass myself and as such I would call the whole outing a success.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...