Be a social butterfly...

I have been so busy recently!  There has scarcely been enough time to have my adventures, let alone write about them!

The most important thing to happen since my last post was Bethany’s birthday!

Our little angel turned 9!

Having recently moved house, town and therefore school, we really wanted to create something special for her.  Indeed with a house the size of ours it would be rude not to throw a fabulous party!

The theme of the party, by order of the birthday girl, was ‘Hello Kitty’ meets ‘Alice in wonderland’.  Though our little lady is as pink and fluffy as the next girl her age, she’s actually much more Tim Burton than  Barbie (thank God) and her quirky sense of style is all the excuse I need to unleash artiste inside me!

I’m not a fan of store bought, generic anything, so guess who’s Mummy was up half the night creating dozens of these little morsels of craftiness??



Parties are so difficult with children, I’m such a pushover when it comes to numbers…I can’t bear the thought of the child left uninvited 🙁 So we invite them all!!!

35 invites sent? Check

Bouncy castle and 35ft inflatable slide ordered? Check

Sedatives required? Potentially!



PS. As one who can bake, it would’ve been rude not to send some cakes into school aswell.  Couple of boxes of these be ok for you kiddie winks? x

Be a social butterfly...