Be a social butterfly...

My name is Rachel and I am addicted to Amazon.

Some people are addicted to chocolate, some drugs, some gambling, my guilty pleasure is books.

These days I am so busy, I rarely get time to read novels.  I know that for many people, the beauty of novels is that you can read a little each day, but I am by nature impatient and tend to consume literature as quickly as possible.  Now that I work from home and no longer have a daily bus ride to fill with reading, I have perhaps begun to neglect my vast collection of fiction 🙁

My drug of choice at the moment is creative books.  Craft, Recipe and Art reference books make up the majority of my recent hits and Amazon is my dealer!

I get so excited to hear that Amazon has ‘recommendations for me’ ( oh Amazon – you know me so well) and for some reason I get a kick from already owning a book which Amazon suggests I may like (way ahead of you Amazon).

Online stores also have the beauty of a double whammy of book shopping glee!  The first when you purchase and the second when your book arrives – it’s like a present to yourself!  Hard backs are of course my preference.  I love the shiny robust covers, the beautiful crisp pages, the smell of ‘newness’.

The great thing about the Craft, Recipe, Art and also Poetry books is that they are perfect for dipping into every now and again.  There is no need to read a Recipe book from cover to cover to feel you have done it justice.  A quick skim through, followed by a proper look at the sections which most interest you generally suffices.  The staying power of such a book is often measured later, by whether you actually make use of the contents and how frequently.

The same is true of Craft and Art books, they are ‘pick up and put down’ books: books from which you can gain something; insight, idea or plan in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.  Poetry books can offer a similarly convenient read whilst still providing a serving of literary sustenance that you may not find in the prose between craft projects!

In all honesty I love all books.

We have a very large house, but we haven’t always.  there have been times when every nook and cranny of our home has been filled with Books!

Some people would say I have too many, I disagree.  I have ALOT of books, but that does not mean I will ever have any inclination to part with them.  These books and I…we go way back.

This book, a little dog eared now, was given to me second hand by my Dad.  It was this book that made me realise we have the same taste in literature and was bought by my future husband on my recommendation before we had even met.

This beautiful book was a prize given to me by my High School, for Academic achievement in English Literature and Art.  I earned and still treasure every single glorious page!


This book was rescued from my first ever house: a little pink cottage in the Suffolk countryside.  Abandoned by it’s former owner, it made me laugh and cry and now, it goes where I go.

So I’m afraid you will never see any of my book for sale on Ebay.  They are here to stay and to be joined by new ones!!!





Be a social butterfly...