Be a social butterfly...

Bank Holidays are notoriously a bit of a wash out weather-wise and this Monday was no exception.  We however, had made a commitment to ourselves that we were getting out and about…whatever the weather, whether it was wise or not, we were going to be outside in it!

We put on put on our wellies and our warmest coats, drove to Darwen and visited Wellybobs Farm, which Phill had found online.

Awww….you like that?  Look at these…

Clearly I wasn’t the only one having a bad hair day!

So cute….

….but apparently not when they put spit all over you!!

So after feeding all the lovely animals, we popped into the Cafe for a cup of tea; but Beth didn’t want tea, Beth wanted this blue and red creation!!

And what happens when you mix a nine year old with this much blue food colouring??  This happens….

…and then this!!  Faster faster!!!!

Mix the nine year old and the blue food colouring with Phill and a field full of sheep and….

Time to calm down; lets look at this pretty water.

After Wellybobs, we decided to go in search of a sculpture we’d heard about in Burnley.

The Singing Ringing Tree is a three meter tall steel structure made from pipes.  It’s quite a surreal figure up there on the top of the hill and once you get close to it, you hear something even more surreal.

The pipes have been ‘tuned’ and when the wind blows, which it most certainly did on Monday,  they produce a rather eerie harmonic sound.   Similar to pan-pipes but sounding almost ghostly, the ethereal sounds ad us captivated, we could’ve stayed up there and listened all day.

But the weather would not allow this and we began to make our way back down the hill and home.

How did you spend the wet weekend??


Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...