Be a social butterfly...

So what did you get up to over the long weekend??  The Vintage Folly household was very busy indeed!

Firstly  and most importantly, Phill and I attended a truly beautiful Wedding, our friends Dave and Delle became husband and wife in a spectacular barn in Norfolk.

 The style of the wedding was natural and magical with different shades of green, vintage style birds-cages and fairy lights.


The effect was just so pretty and I’m sure you’ll agree, the lovely Bride looked amazing!

The next day Phill and I began the long drive back to Lancashire.

We took a scenic route through the peak district and the spectacular landscape brought out the photographer in both of us.  We took 200 photos!!  This new camera has a lot to answer for!

This wall featured quite a lot.

Oh look, there’s the blue sky we were all hoping and praying for on Dave and Delle’s Wedding day……only a day late!!

Although the drive home was beautiful, it is rather long and we decided to stop for a rest when we saw this lovely Church.

St. Anne’s Church, Baslow sits next to a river and right now the Church-yard is full of blossom.

I absolutely love blossom trees…

… it gave us a chance to try out the features of our new camera.  Did I mention we have a new camera?

It really was the most tranquil setting and the perfect place to stop and stretch our legs.

This is my ‘that’s quite enough leg stretching, time for a nice sit down’ face.

This is my ‘that’s quite enough photographs of me dear, take some of something else’ face!!

Oh look there’s that elusive blue sky again.

Just before we left we took this photograph amongst the 18th century  grave stones…….spooky. :-S

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...