Be a social butterfly...

Bonjour mes amis!

Phill, Beth and I spent a lovely, long weekend in Paris.  Here’s our little lady looking decidedly French just before we flew.  Beth isn’t the best flyer.  She panics as soon as she sits in her seat.  On this journey, I gave her Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy which seemed to work very well.

We started our Parizien adventures by visiting the Louvre.

The queue was a bit too long for some people!!!  We headed straight for the main attraction.  As a life long art lover, I had a lump in my throat at this point.  This is the first time I have visited the Mona Lisa.

She might have been behind sheet of glass and 4 meters away, but that was close enough.  She was beautiful.  Here she is with my own masterpiece.

Where do we start??

There are so many beautiful sculptures and paintings, that it becomes a little overwhelming.

This is how girls experience fine art!

This is how boys experience it!!!

Look at this cheeky chap!!!!

The paintings and sculptures were beautiful and the architecture was just as breathtaking.

This was where we ate lunch!!

We couldn’t possible see everything.  So we’ll just have to return to paris for another visit soon 🙂

This is beth’s face of disapproval as she sees a boy trying to pinch people’s ‘wishes’ out of the pool.  His teacher did stop him, but Beth was rather annoyed!

She soon got over it!!!

Love Rachel


Look out for the next installment!!



Be a social butterfly...