Be a social butterfly...

We do live in a beautiful part of the World here.  So we don’t have coral reefs and palm trees, there are no deserts or canyons and snow?  Well if we had snow and ice all year like some countries, most British people would move elsewhere!  Ours is quite simply a green and pleasant land 🙂

I love this time of year.  The land hasn’t quite woken up yet but you can see it stirring.  A few brave bulbs are pushing through the soil and the first of the birds are returning.  It’s at this time of year that you appreciate the odd day when you can go outside without gloves!

‘What’s that, there’s no frost on the ground?  It isn’t raining?  We’re going out! Now!  Get your coat on!’

At least living in such a grey weathered country means that we (hopefully) make the most of good days, which is exactly what my lovely man and I did today.  Bethany was at a Wedding with her Father’s family today and seeing as I always get a little bit mopey without her, we decided to take the dog and blow out the cobwebs with a walk around the Trough of Bowland.

These sheep may look cute and fluffy, but they chased us!!  Here’s me running away whistling.  Nothing to see here!


You can find beauty everywhere, even in seemingly dead plant!  It’s times like this, before the trees are full of leaves, that you can really see the shape and form of the landscape.

I take my time on days like this and appreciate the little things, because I’m pretty sure that if you don’t take pleasure in the small things, then the big things will never make you happy either.

How are you enjoying ‘almost-Springtime’?

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...