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The time has come to pack for BritMums Live.  I know that some people will pack on Friday morning but I just can’t do that.  If I pack on Friday morning, I guarantee I’ll be able to find all of two things that I’m looking for!  So I’ve packed tonight…well sort of, I’m not 100% about a few things.

I think I’m putting more pressure on myself to look my best, because I’m a finalist in the style category (hark at me), but this is a two day conference so I need to be comfortable and because my ticket was generously bought by (by Go Ape) I do have some restrictions.   The first day of the conference starts at 2 and the Awards ceremony starts at 6.30 so whatever I wear needs to work for both daytime and evening as I will be too busy chatting won’t have time to go to my hotel to get changed.  My plan is to wear a dress with flats for the conference and then swap for heels and some vintage jewellery ready for the awards.  TK Maxx were kind enough to treat all the style finalists to their Award ceremony outfit 🙂 I went looking for something 50s inspired as it’s my favourite era, but I ended up with a 60 inspired dress, channeling Megan Draper (Mad Men).

zou bisou bisou megan draper mad men black dress

Noooo not quite THIS Megan Draper look, I’m not sure that would go down brilliantly at 2 in the afternoon!!  megan draper orange dress

I’m thinking more of this sort of look….what do you think?
Studio M orange dress and beads  TK Maxx

Studio M dress orange TK Maxx

I’ll wear the dress with these flats from Peacocks during the day (as they are literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned) and add these 1960s mother of pearl beads in the evening and a pair of heels.  
flats peacocks ballet aqua natural 1960s mother of pearl beads necklace

But which heels?  :-S  I’m going to try and find some nude wedges tomorrow but just incase, these are my fall back nude F&F Tesco
So that’s the dress sorted *sigh*

The next day is all conference, all day.  I’m thrilled to be representing Go Ape and on Saturday by wearing one of their distressed, grey tees.  I’ve seen alot of company/brand tee-shirts in my time, but this one is awesome.  tee Go Ape Grey Vintage inspired

If Friday will be 60s inspired then on Saturday I’m going back to the 50s.   I’m going to wear my hair in a Rockabilly roll and team the tee with some white denim, pedal pushers (from Peacocks), that I am wearing to death right now.  If my feet are feeling up to it, I’ll wear red heels and polka dots…

blink red heels TK Maxx Go Ape grey tee White DEnim Pedal Pushers 1950s Peacocks

Ok I know I probably won’t be able to manage heels, but look at them…..

Blink red shoes TK Maxx

I suppose if I’m sensible, I’ll wear the comfy flats again and team them with a Cath Kidston handkerchief scarf, which I think will look just as good 🙂

pedal pushers white denim Peacocks Go Ape tee Cath Kidston scarf handkerchief

So I’m packed….ish….for now.

packing for BritMums Live

I think I may have to check for stowaways before I leave on Friday 🙂

lola go ape

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...