Be a social butterfly...

I’m sat here feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

A few months ago I found out that I had been nominated for a BiB award, a few weeks later I found out that I had been shortlisted in the style, craft and family categories and a little while ago I found out that I have made the finals!!

And guess which category …..? Style!!

Can you believe it?!   Little old me who used to get bullied for my appearance growing up; me who in my very early twenties, dressed like a 40 year old virgin; me who just a few months ago had allowed myself to fall off the effort wagon and looked like ….well crap….me who never used to win anything 😀

I’m still shocked.  When I saw that the finalists had been announced my heart sank.  I had been delighting in the warm, fuzzy glow of being a shortlisted blogger and I thought that once the finalists were announced (and I wasn’t one of them) that my time to feel special would be over.

I scanned down the list of names and there was Vintage Folly 🙂

So what happens now?

The award ceremony is part of a glittering celebration that comes at the end of a two day blogging conference in London.    Finalists get to attend the party, but if you want to attend Brit Mums Live you need a ticket and with the price of that aswell as transport ‘down south’ and accommodation, the costs do add up.

Luckily Go Ape swung in to the rescue (see what I did there) and sponsored me, generously buying my ticket.  So I want to thank them, for having faith in me, weeks ago when I was still only hoping to be a finalist!

Now as I have had a complete style overhaul in the last year and as I’m feeling better about being me then I have in a very long time indeed, I think it’s probably a good idea to start completing some of those half done how to videos and sharing some of the hints and tips that I’ve aquired from hours of practicing and hundreds of bad hair days!

I can’t thank you all enough, I really can’t.  I am sobbing like a baby as I’m typing this.  Thank you for voting for me, for reading my silly words and for being there through triumphs and heartaches, Christmases, Weddings, Births and Deaths, cupcakes, mountains and creations.  You all feel like friends to me and my little family.

Thank you for this next adventure x

Most of all thank you Phill and Beth for being my heart and soul and giving me so many things to write about.

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...