Be a social butterfly...

A few weeks ago (maybe longer, my memory is awful) I received a beautiful email from a very nice lady.  We still haven’t met but she and I have one or two mutual friends and one of them had recommended VintageFolly to her.

Her message moved me to tears as it transpired that we have shared some very similar feelings about life, love and motherhood.  I’m sure we share many other mutual interests but hearing in particular how she felt about my posts about my daughter, how my words had made her feel meant so much to me.  At the end of the message she revealed that she had nominated me for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award :-O

I was very very touched but if I’m honest, I didn’t think I had a chance.  There are so many incredible bloggers out there, who are more eloquent than me, more stylish than me….more cosmopolitan than me, that although I took the nomination as a compliment, I never expected to be shortlisted.

Well I was shortlisted!   😀  as one of ten in the lifestyle blogger category, VintageFolly could actually win an award!!!

So enough caution, enough of being bashful, come on all you lovely readers, click here and vote for VintageFolly!!  You will need to sign up and can only vote once.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me and to everyone who has/will give me their vote; you are all incredibly kind.

Thank you especially to the lovely lady who made the first nomination.  I’m not sure whether she’d like to be named and shamed ;-P so I’ll just say, thank you, you are as inspirational a lady as our mutual friend told me you were.


Much Love



Be a social butterfly...