Be a social butterfly...

Imagine a place where money is no object, where glittering buildings tower above lavish cars and palm trees.  You are now imagining Dubai!  This is a place where Luis Vuitton is considered as commonplace as your average high street store!  Honestly there is money everywhere and people don’t mind showing it off!

Phill and I had an eight hour wait in Dubai before our transfer flight to Beijing.  Originally we had planned to meet our friend Chris who is currently living nearby but as our flight had to be postponed for 24 hours (we had huge issues with Emirates Airlines…I’ll fill you in when they’re fully resolved but if you can’t wait or just like to know the gossip ;-P send me a message and I’ll fill you in lol) he had to work.

Life goes at a different pace in Dubai and it was already night time, so after waiting for over an hour to get through immigration we figured we had around three hours before the city started to close.   We visited the famous Mall of Dubai, walking into the grand marble entrance while a stunning orange Lamborghini struggled to park outside.

There was a shark swimming around the mall….I kid you not!  Floor to ceiling glass walls give you a peek into the Aquarium that runs through the centre of the building!  There is a water show every half an hour where hundreds of fountains ‘dance’ to lights and music.  Although the water show drew quite a crowd, nobody seemed to bat an eyelid at people wandering around with dozens of Gucci bags or personal shoppers transporting customers from A to B (or Armani to Bvlgari!).

Pulling our hand luggage around. we looked quite the tourists and it was almost embarrassing to take pictures, but we did it anyway!

The Mall of Dubai was about as commercial; as a place can be so we decided to flag a cab and find somewhere nice for Dinner.  Apparently lollipops are not Dinner time food???  We settled on a nice Persian restaurant and then disaster struck.  I went to take yet another photograph and realised that my phone was missing.  I had left it in the cab.  As we knew we’d be rushing around, we decided not to bring our huge camera, but to rely on our i-Phones.  Without mine, I had no way to keep in touch with Phill if we were separated, I had lost all of my numbers and photographs and I wouldn’t be able to take any more pictures of our adventure.

We had been told alot of things about Dubai, specifically about hierarchy; that Emirati men are held in the highest regard, with foreign women considered the least important or deserving of respect.  So when I rushed to the restaurant counter to ask if they knew a way to contact the cab company, I was shocked by their response.

I have never been treated with so much care and concern by strangers!!  Given that in this city where wealth hangs heavy in the air, i-Phones are surely not considered as valuable as they are here, but you’d think I’d lost a diamond necklace!  Before I knew it, I was on the phone to a policeman who was accessing cctv footage to determine which vehicle had picked us up, while three other members of staff frantically called and sent texts to my phone.

“It will be found” the restaurant owner assured me, and guess what… was!!!  Sadly we had already landed in Beijing when we heard and I still don’t know the ins and outs of how it was located, but in a few days, my i-Phone (which now has a cracked screen) will be back with me.

Unfortunately, as Phill and I now only had one phone between us and had to go our separate ways on our only full day in China, I don’t have half as many photos as I would like to show you.  But I’ll do my best to describe our whistle stop trip to Asia regardless!

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...