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I don’t know where to start with this post.  You know when someone opens a conversation with the words “no offence but….” or “I’m not being funny but….”?  I feel a little like that.  So maybe I should just go with it and say; hey, I really hope this post doesn’t offend anyone/piss anyone off/ get me kicked out of the cool blogs club.

Right now that’s over with I can get to the good stuff!!

Hello England!!

So, as fans of my Facebook page will know, we cut our holiday two days short to make it back for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. I touched down in Manchester at around 1.30pm and raced home to shower, pack and jump on a train to London.  I know this might seem a little bit dramatic but my reasons were threefold.

1/ You guys went to so much trouble to have me shortlisted that I felt I’d be letting you all down if I didn’t attend.

2/ 35000 blogs were nominated but only 20 shortlisted in each category.  If I didn’t go, it would really be a kick in the teeth for all those other hard working bloggers who wished they had been short-listed.  I  know I’d be a little annoyed.

3/  I REALLY wanted to go!!  I mean come on!  A cool party, at an exclusive club, rubbing shoulders with my fellow bloggers, fancy dresses and cocktails with Cosmo’s finest!?  Who knows if I’ll ever have an invite like that again?

The party began at 6, but in order to be sure I’d make my train, I hedged my bets on one that arrived at 6, thinking I’d do my make up mid journey (which I did) and arrive at the party around 7-7.30.  A little more than fashionably late, but there and in fairly good time considering I’d be waking up that morning on a Spanish island?!

I went for very smoke eyes with my trusty Urban Decay Naked Eye palette, covered up tired skin with double wear and sported rosy lips courtesy of Estee Lauder’s Very Magnolia.   For my hair I channelled my inner Brigitte Bardot and went with a tousled, half up half down look.

My train was delayed (of course!) and it was 6.45 when I arrived in London, to fight through the busy tube system to my accommodation (as promised I stayed in a Youth Hostel.  No really, I did.  I think my room-mates though I was a porn star but I’ll fill you in on that later).  A quick back-combing session and a sparkly frock later and I was flagging down a cab to The Rose Club.

By the time I got there it was 7.45….still early in the evening right?  Wrong.  As I waddled out of the cab (what is it about a hackney carriage that makes it so impossible to exit in a lady-like manner?) there were people leaving??

Who leaves a party before 8?  I snuck past Pat, Cosmo’s web editor (and a rather lovely lady too), who was giving an interview in the doorway (video below)and went downstairs, expecting a fairly rubbish party given that people were already heading home.  But it wasn’t rubbish, it was bloody amazing and I think people should have stayed ’til the very end (or at least past 9!) given all the work that had clearly be done for us and the fact that so many others would have loved to have been on the invite list (but that’s just my opinion.  Unless they were rushing for a train home -quick retraction! lol). :-S

VIDEO: Cosmo Blog Awards Party!.  <<<watch this lovelies!!!

The hum of very excited female conversation threatened to drown out the fab music, courtesy of DJ IQ.  He had apparently been sold the job with the promise of a room full of beautiful women and Cosmo had not disappointed…these girls knew how to dress!  A room full of that many stylish women was a little intimidating, so I headed straight for the bar and once I had a drink in hand, made a beeline for the lady I figured I had the most in common with.  Wearing a vintage dress and a perfectly coifed beehive, she surely was a vintage blogger or a fashion blogger perhaps?  Nope.  Sex Blogger.  Of course 😀

Sadly due to my fashionably late arrival, I had missed the main event: I didn’t see the awards being presented. I was and still am gutted.  Evidently I hadn’t won, but it would have been nice to know who to congratulate.  For the record, the bloggers to congratulate are at the bottom of this post, just incase you fancy saying weldone 🙂  All of them are well deserved winners and definitely worth a look.  I tried to chat to as many of them as possible, but there were alot of people as you can see from the video, although I did spot the bespectacled winner of Best New Fashion blog, tearing up the dance-floor ’til the very end (my kind of girl!).

There were a selection of cocktails to choose from.  I had one and a half glasses and they were really strong!!  Around the room were stations with various treats including a nail bar (handy as mine had chipped on the journey over), Lala Lashes (who made my eyes look all fluttery and flirty) and a Fortune Teller who told me she was too tired to give me a proper reading and that I should just stay put and do whatever I’m doing now and everything will be ok (…hmm…).  There were competitions to win shoes and treats everywhere, all in all we were spoilt!

I met some amazing bloggers.  Some blogs I have been reading for months, some I had only just heard of, some who had been reading VintageFolly!  One of the loveliest ladies of the night was Amy of Wolfwhistle.  We have been reading each others blogs for almost a year and after the party had wound down we decided to share a bottle of wine in the nearest pub……which ended up being a place called ‘The Spread Eagle’ :-/ and was full of football fans!

We put the World to rights whilst rooting through our brilliantly bulging goodie-bags.  No really, the goodie bags were amazing!  The only goodie bags I’ve ever been given before, are the ones you get at children’s parties with a balloon, some smarties and a slightly squashed piece of birthday cake; this gorgeous bag was stuffed full of Next goodies, Elemis products and Urban Decay make-up to name a small selection.  I think it’s only right that I review some of the products, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Although I’m gutted that I arrived at the time I did, it really couldn’t be helped and I don’t regret the effort it took to make the journey.  It might have been madness to cram so much into one day, but I love a bit of madness and attending such a lush event, was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.  The Cosmo ladies were so bubbly and gorgeous and the bloggers so cool and friendly and I felt privileged to be counted amongst them.  I hope this is the first of many Awards parties and that one day I can bring home a prize, or at least be fully awake so that I can actually make the most of it!  But in the meantime, I’m still pleased as punch to have been nominated as one of the best lifestyle bloggers in the UK.  What a way to end my first 12 months of blogging!

Thank you all so very much for nominating and then voting for me.  I appreciate your kindness and support more than I could ever explain.

Love Rachel


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