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If a picture paints a thousand words then this should tell you how much I loved the Ideal Home Show at Christmas!

hamleys elves ideal home show

My sister Kirstie and I went along to Event City for the Show’s celebrity launch, which was an adventure in itself!  A sold out show, plus pre-Christmas traffic heading to the Trafford Centre, all during the morning rush hour, saw my taxi driver doing a 3 point turn in stand-still traffic so I could walk the rest of the way in the rain, boo 🙁  It was around this time that Kirstie text me from the front of the building.

snowman ideal home show

“It’s snowing!!!”  It was indeed snowing because Event City had been turned into a Winter wonderland.

The show was loosely split into two sections, food and home and was jam packed full of ideas.  From cosmetics, massaging cushions and retro rings:

vintage retro rings pinup

to hot tubs, cider making kits and scented fir cones:

scented fir pine cones

There were plenty of demonstrations to watch.  The crowds were so dense that we could barely see Gino di Campo, but we did get a little closer to Laurence Llewellyn Bowen!

decorating trees with laurence llewelyn bowen

Yes that’s me decorating a tree in November.

And a very nice one it was too, even if I do say so myself!  Laurence had four of us from the crowd each decorate a tree.  Which colour theme is your favourite?

tree decorating ideas from laurence llewelyn bowen.  Ideal Home Show

**psssst  Mine is the one in the bottom right **

Laurence had us all in stitches as he announced among other things that Christmas was not for children, Christmas was about being fabulous!  We met him properly afterwards.

meeting laurence llewelyn bowen ideal home show

Kirstie told him about how she has all his bedroom furniture and he told me that I had lipstick on my teeth haha!

We treated ourself to a sumptuous lunch at the Gregg Wallace pop up restaurant.

gregg wallace pop up restaurant

It’s just breathtakingly beautiful isn’t it!?  I looked around trying to work out if I could use any of the design ideas at home….and then I got distracted by lunch..

turkey dinner gregg wallace

….and then by desert!

christmas eaton mess gregg wallace

After our meal we had just enough room left to taste some delicious cheeses (and ciders and liquors and …) and then had a good strong lie down on a water bed that I now want to buy so very, very much.

We took a look at the amazing room sets and decided that hands down, the British Home Stores Christmas Room was our favourite.

bhs christmas ideas ideal home show

bhs christmas room

Then we basically just got a bit silly with selfies..

goofy selfie ideal home show christmas wreath thumbs up

Kirstie and I bought so many ‘things’ and spent so many hours exploring that we practically limped out of the show feeling tired, achy and ever so slightly smug to have got so many great ideas and a head start on our Christmas shopping.

christmas gifts tree ideal home show

Did you go to the Ideal Home Show in Manchester or are you heading to the Earls Court Event? I definitely recommend that you visit if you can.

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...