Be a social butterfly...

Like alot of young families we live in a newly built house.  Although I much prefer houses with a bit of age, this option means we can have a practical house, in a semi rural location, within a very cleverly designed village… I suppose you pay your money, you take your choice.

This particular village (don’t let the residents hear you calling it an estate!) has been a work in progress for a decade and so although the section where we live is complete, there are areas all around where construction continues and some roads and pathways are yet to be laid.

So, on Thursday, Beth and I needed to get to the Train Station which is just beyond a large field.  There is a pathway, but it is around three times longer than the distance straight across.  So what do we do??  Be sensible?  Well depends on what you mean by sensible 🙂

We cut across.  Terrible idea.  The ground was so soft underfoot that as I was wearing flip flops, my feet were soaking wet and muddy and Beth, in her freshly washed sneakers was unimpressed.  We were about halfway when I conceded to what a rubbish idea it had been and about 3/4 of the way when we realised that just slightly to the right of where we had been walking, was infact a new footpath!  Fail!

It was quite a lovely walk though, with every step sending moths and butterflies fluttering around us.  There were some beautiful wild flowers and the soft grasses tickled the ends of our fingers as we laughed at ourselves in the mud.  Yes we screamed like girls (go figure) when we spotted a caterpillar on my leg, no we didn’t appreciate the thissle like plants that hid amongst the long blades of grass, but would we do it again…..?  Yes, but perhaps we’d take the dog next time, to protect us from monsters and creepy crawlies!

The only flying creatures we could manage a photograph of were the lovely Burnets that tend to run riot on fallow land, everything else was just too quick for us!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...