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  1. Molly Holleran
  2. Kat_saul
  3. laura hampson
  4. Lizmoran_mohill
  5. Sid
  6. Lucy Knowles
  7. Jennifer Ann
  8. Cvet Lana
  9. Alexandra Sarah Robinson
  10. Lmjackson
  11. Jenny
  12. Loupeelu
  13. Elizabethquah
Hello lovelies.
It was great to read all of your entries; some hilarious and some really heartfelt so thank you for taking the time to write.
I decided that the most fair way to choose a winner (at random) was to randomly number all of the entries and allow my glamorous assistant…ahem, Beth, to pick a number between 1 and 13.  She chose number 6 which means that the winner is…. Lucy Knowles!!
Lucy, I will be in touch to arrange the best and quickest way to get your lovely prize to you. x
To everyone else, thank you so much for taking part in Vintagefolly’s first ever competition.  I quite enjoyed this competition malarkey and will be on the look out for more opportunities to give things away!
Last but not least, thank you to Eclectic Eccentricity for giving me and my readers this opportunity.  If you haven’t already, please do have a look at their website, where you’ll find beautiful jewellery made by lovely people.

Vintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to win. Congrats to the winner

  • Brandi Dailey

    Congrats Lucy!