Be a social butterfly...

Aren’t little girls brilliant?!

One minute they’re running around, more ferocious than any boy could ever be and the next, they are quietly dressing up as Mummy (usually quietly using all of Mummy’s lipstick in the process).

There are three little ladies in our Wedding party;  Beth and our two nieces, Elisa and Hannah…and we plan on spoiling all three rotten on our Wedding day, especially when it comes to their outfits!!  I have been trawling fayres, dressmakers and vintage photographs for ideas and today it has all come together.  My lovely Beth and I have found what we’ve been looking for!

The girls’ accessories have already been made, in fact they’ve been made for a long time!  All that is left to do is buy ballet slippers (comfortable and oh so girly) closer to the time and finish off hand making a couple of little additions..

Yes, sometimes less is more and restraint is often elegant, but in the case of our Flower-girl/Bridesmaid outfits…fabulous is , well, fabulous!!!

Of the three, Elisa has the most tomboy tendancies but I’m sure that even she will enjoy the drama of her outfit and Hannah loves nothing more than playing dress-up with the contents of my handbag so she will be thrilled!  Beth?  I don’t think I’ve ever heard her ‘ooh and ahh’ over fabric quite so much before  x

I can’t wait to see the finished look come together.  It will be kept under wraps until the big day I’m afraid, it’s so hard not being able to post photos of all the beautiful aspects of our day!

Not long to go now though 🙂




Be a social butterfly...