Be a social butterfly...

One of the commitments I made to myself at the beginning of this year, was to seek out other people like me; broadening my horizons by increasing my friendship circle.

This has meant attending lots of vintage fairs, craft groups and this weekend an ‘Art Picnic’.  I was really pleased to hear about Art Picnic which was held in Avenham Park, a large, Victorian city centre park near where we live.

We’re lucky that the arts are fairly well catered for in our area, with the beautiful Harris Museum and Art Gallery in particular,  ia a centre for art lovers all over the region.

There are countless exhibitions at this and the many other galleries and yet ‘Art Picnic’ is the first social event I have heard of and children were welcome to, which was brilliant as it meant I could bring my best friend 🙂  The instructions were, to bring something edible, something that makes a noise and something arty that could be photographed or photocopied for their publication.

Something edible: check

Something that makes a noise: check

Something arty for the publication: check

The latter requirement was quite exciting actually.  As regular readers will know, I prefer to paint fairly large canvasses, but could hardly bring one of those with me to the park!!  So at 10 o’clock at night I began making a little something new.  The idea of this ‘piece’ (if you can call it that) is that we three, Phill, Beth and I are three individuals who are now connected and on a journey together.  Each tag is complete on its own, but is tied together by a silk ribbon which says ‘This life: the journey’.   The petals were left over from our Wedding Confetti.  What do you think?

Lovely Beth drew a picture of Poppy, one of our two cats, but seemed to find her inner photographer when she got there as she took most of these photographs!

It was a very well attended event with a wonderful array of food in both the yurt and inside the Pavillion where musicians played the violin and electro music.

Sadly we could only stay for an hour or so as Beth had a ballet lesson at four but I do hope that there are more events like this.

I hope there are many more events like this on the cards.


Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...