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I think I am broken :-S

A Christmas fanatic, I normally have my Christmas shopping done by now.  Year on year my tree proudly graces my home no later than December 2nd and I have been known to announce that I am feeling ‘Christmassy’ as early as October!  This year I just can’t seem to find my Christmas spirit.

Part of the issue could of course be that we have not yet put all of our decorations up, including our tree.  This is the latest I have EVER gone without one!

Bethany and I have been busily crafting away; making Gingerbread Houses, button wreaths and Pomanders.  There are evergreens over our fireplace and on our door and thanks to my lovely Phill, we now have a luscious Poinsettia, but of course it’s the tree that will really symbolize the beginning of Christmas?

So why are we yet to get into the spirit of things? Well it isn’t for want of trying I assure you.  Our Christmas cake was made well in advance, we bought our wrapping paper weeks ago and I have been impatiently waiting to use my Christmas Mug, giving it it’s first outing on 1st December.

Everything started so well.  We have just been so busy and so often under the weather that in the evenings, it has been the last thing that Phill and I wanted to do.  Alot of the time, it has been the last thing we had time or energy to do and all of a sudden, time has flown by.

Speaking to friends and family, we are not the only ones who are yet to embrace the ‘season to be jolly’.  Alot of people seem to be struggling to feel festive.  I think alot of it has to do with the Economy: it is difficult to be merry and bright when you feel uncertain about the future.

I read an article about a couple who have been forced to tell their children the truth about Father Christmas, as they will receive far less this year than they have in previous years.   Having both been out of work for most of the last year, the couple feared that if they did not tell the truth, then their children would think that they were on the naughty list.  Their story broke my heart: it seems even childhood fantasies have fallen victim to the recession.

Indeed when I look at society, when I watch the news, it is difficult to find very much to be merry about.  Perhaps this time next year we will no longer have a high street in which to shop for loved one’s gifts?  Perhaps we won’t be able to afford to switch on the fairy lights?  Perhaps a Gingerbread House, essentially food which will not be eaten, will be considered too frivolous?  Who knows how bad things will get before they get better.

I suppose we should take advice from every Christmas song ever written and give thanks for what we have now, for who we have now and try to maintain a sense of hope.  Not hope that things will go back to the way they were pre-recession, but hope that somehow, things will be even better.

As of tomorrow, this house IS Christmas!  Phill and I will watch the finale of Bethany’s Christmas play and afterwards we are putting up our tree!!  If I have to primp and fuss through the night, when we wake up on Thursday morning, our home will look like something from a fairytale!!

No more moping, no more bah humbug; Christmas IS my favourite time of year and nothing and no-one is going to take that away.  Brace yourself lovelies, it’s going to get sparkly!!

Lucy-bear, as you can see is already well and truly ‘up for it’!!!


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Be a social butterfly...