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I’m 30 years old and I’ve never slept in a bedroom that’s been ‘styled’ by me.  No really!  While I’ve had nice bedrooms, they’ve only been so because they were like that when I arrived and claimed them.  Otherwise my bedrooms have always been a mismatch of afterthoughts.

fabric elodi glass argos antoinette annie sloan

I think alot of people are like Phill and I, certainly alot of parents are like us!  We turn our decorating attentions first to essentials – kitchens and bathrooms, then shared rooms like the living room and of course children’s rooms.  Last on the list is our own bedroom :-S  When we moved into this house, we gave Beth the larger bedroom and settled into our small compact space.

dressingtable half finished

All around the room are signs of our good intentions….but they’d just never really amounted to much.


With it’s impractical quaint sloping roof, draughty petite windows and brick wall unusual view, our room had all the makings of a lost space bijou boudoir.

wall view

So we basically filled it with belongings and half hearted attempts at DIY, shut the curtains on the brick wall outside and gave up on it.  Which was the wrong thing to do.  This is the room where Phill and I spend not enough several hours a night, we begin and end our days here, most if not all of our recent big decisions have been made in here….it should be a lovelier place than this.

bedroom before picture

I was inspired by Argos to makeover our bedroom – so that I can show you the difference you can make with soft furnishings.

The first job was to add privacy and block out that wall!  We tend to leave the tired and ill fitted curtains closed in here because one glimpse of that wall is enough to give anyone nightmares.  I fit tension rods to the windows and hung light and pretty nets.  If you’ve never used a tension rod before, I recommend the ones from Argos.  Having bought poor quality, difficult to use rods for much more money, I was pleased as punch with these!  You simply unscrew the rods to 2 cm longer than needed and squeeze them into the window frame.

bedroom before

Magic.  Now we can leave our curtains open and we don’t have to feel claustrophobic!   We finished dressing the windows by adding poles that complement our bed frame and curtains from the Elodi range.

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

We like light and airy rooms (which our bedroom tends not to be) but we want to feel cozy and surrounded by luxury.  This chintzy, floral bedding set spoke to me immediately and when the items arrived, the quality didn’t disappoint!  Click here to take a look at the range of bedding available.

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

The florals have the feel of a country cottage but without being too dark and heavy and I just knew that the muted cream, toffee and blush colours would look lovely on our bed.  I didn’t set out to have a matching room set but I loved the duvet cover and the curtains so much that it just happened!  To break up the pattern I teamed it with cushions and a bedspread from the Pretty As A Picture range aswell as plain pillows and sheets.

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

The changes gave me the motivation to finish all of those odd jobs that we’d started.

handmade with love

heart fairy lights

Happily the heart garland made by my sister for Christmas last year, still matched the colour scheme, but alot of other things found their way to the Charity shop.  I repaired and hung our fairy light heart (which was damaged years ago by our rabbit Pixie RIP), completed the paint job of the dressing table and had a massive clear out of clothes, accessories and general stuff.


The result is fantastic, if I do say so myself.  I just want to be in here all the time whether I’m awake or asleep!  It feels amazing to have a well thought out, grown-ups bedroom.  The bed, piled with coordinating pillows and cushions is so inviting and with both a quilt and a bedspread we can vary the temperature to prevent those middle of the night ‘I’m too hot’ – ‘well I’m too cold’ arguments.

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

country cottage chintz bedroom makeover argos elodi

So what do you think?

If you could make over any room in your house, which one would it be?

Love Rachel


PS.  The products used in this make over were gifted by Argos, but all opinions and design choices are my own.




Be a social butterfly...