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Hello lovelies.

I will reach the ripe old age of 28 on the 23rd of February.

Birthdays are a funny thing aren’t they?   Some years I can’t wait for my birthday and then others I just wish it would go by without anyone noticing.

This year is a bit strange.  I’m not dreading my birthday, I don’t feel like hiding from it; but I just don’t feel like making a huge performance of it either!  I plan to spend a night on the tiles with some very good friends, the weekend before and on my actual birthday….well in all honesty I’ll be happy to receive a nice cup of tea in bed and a lie in!!  (I’m getting old I think!)

Since I began VintageFolly back in late September, I have really come to appreciate my readers as though they were friends, indeed some of you have become so.  I love writing for the site and the fact that you all like what I write makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I thought it would be nice to give one lucky reader a gift on my birthday and here it is.

You may remember the Christmas competition I hosted for the gorgeous ladies at Eclectic Eccentricity in December?  I just love their jewellery and I bought this bow bracelet from them, for you.  I hope it will make the perfect present for the winner.

So how do you enter?

  1. If you haven’t done already, ‘Like’ the VintageFolly Facebook page (why not check out EE’s too!?)
  2. Comment below telling me the best present you have ever received
  3. The competition closes at midnight on 22nd February 2012
  4. The winner will be drawn at random on my birthday 23rd February 2012
  5. The competition is open Worldwide.

Good luck lovelies.

love Rachel

Vintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...

  • Kat_saul

    The best present I received is my little shitszu chika. She is the first thing that wakes me in the morning with kisses, and cuddles at bedtime, her loyalty is uncompromised, and in the year I have had her I feel very loved every day just be how utterly excited she is every time she see’s me. It would seem the old saying is true, mans best friend really is his dog! 🙂
    Kat & Chika xxx

  • Best present ever? The ring I got for my son being born and the earrings I got when I had my little girl… Because they are a celebration of the two best things I’ve ever done! (I know! Pass the bucket…)

    • Oh I love ‘pass the bucket’ type comments! Such a nice way to commemorate a birth.
      Good Luck xxx

  • Stacey Siddons

    The best present I ever got: a trip to Prague from my then-boyfriend (and now-husband) who trekked around all of the hard-to-reach villages without a single complaint. He treated me for agreeing to move half way around the world with him 🙂


    • Frankly you deserved it then!! Haha. What an amazing gift – weldone Mr Siddons x
      Good luck xxx

  • Sarah Chapman

    Best present by an extremely long way is my beautiful daughter, Lacie. Worth all the heartache and upset!

  • Anonymous

    The best present i’ve ever recieved was an email and phone call from someone special which lead to the journey of a lifetime x

    • Haha! You’re too charming you gorgeous man! Go away Mr-Vintage, this bracelet won’t fit you! Love you x

  • Butrflychic77

    In 1995 I had thyroid cancer and my husband bought me a 1996 red camaro, best present ever and I am healthy and still going strong.

    • Wow. Another amazing present that was well deserved. I can understand a small amount of what you went through thanks to my own brush with thyroid cancer, back in 2001.
      I’m so, so glad that you are still strong and well, I hope you continue to be one of the lucky ones x
      Good luck xxx
      PS.Your husband has great taste in cars!

  • Purplrien

    The best present I have ever received is my daughter, Isobel!

  • Brandi Dailey

    Best present ever was when my Grandmother gave me her Christmas tree topper. It had sat on her tree for years, decades even. The tree topper was an angel that I made out of paper plates, yellow yarn for hair and green and white glitter. I made it for her in Kindergarten. She hung it in a shadow box and wrapped it up for me. I cried buckets.

    • As you know, I think this is one of the most adorable gifts I have ever heard of! Your Grandma sounds like a sweetheart.
      Good luck xxx

  • The best present I ever recieved was a little piece of advice my Mum gave me….. dust and housework will still be there waiting for me long after Chloe has grown and gone to Uni. I have used this gift for the last nine years; don’t get me wrong we don’t live in a tip, but I have never felt guilty about leaving the ironing to spend the day making ‘artisan’ clay bead jewellery or ‘gourmet’ pink cakes .
    The greatest gift I have ever been given…. the guilt free pleasure of being a Mummy who never says, “not now baby, I have to tidy up” who instead says, “come on Chloe let’s get the busy box out!” Thanks Mum xxx

  • Oh Sew Beautiful

    Hello! I follow you on twitter, didn’t know you had a Facebook so I’ll go and LIKE your page 🙂
    The best birthday present I had was my gorgeous engagement ring, my now fiancé proposed on my birthday in a room filled with roses and candles, it was beautiful! And of course I said yes! Not really sure if that counts but it was the best birthday ever 🙂
    Jodi – Oh Sew Beautiful xx

  • Elouisewilson1984

    the best present i recieved was off my grand father, the only man in my life that never once doubted me or turned his back also the only man who was ever in my life that i had unconditional love for without trying, the present was his medal off the queen for his services in the army he fought in 2 world wars and loved my grandmother for 80 years and that was worth the medal in itself, my grandfather passed away last year and left me his medals which now have pride of place in my lounge, and as i type this i look at my medals and not only did he deserve this medal for the wars he fought for all of us but he deserved them for having me as a grand daughter, haha xxx the present i recived off him tells many stories and as i pass them to my daughter and then her children it is a gift forever xx

    • Aww, I felt a bit teary reading this! What an amazing gift to receive, your Grandad sounds like he was a lovely man, I’m sure you’re very proud. x
      Good luck xxx

      • Elouisewilson1984

        thanks honey he was a wonderful man and very handsome inside and out, xxx hope u phill and beth are well xx

  • Christinrock

    The best gift I’ve ever received for my birthday was getting to spend my birthday with my grandmother. My birthday is on the 15 of February, and I got home after school getting my valentines day cards and early birthday gifts. I heard that my grandmother was released from the hospital and I was excited to visit her. She was diagnosed with cancer. I always believed that she was gonna beat it and be all better. I asked my mother of I could stay with my grandmother that night, cause I wanted to spend my birthday with her. My grandmother was thrilled to see me. That night, she had told me stories of me growing up, and the moment she met me for the first time. It was a memorable stay. Today, my grandfather and grandmother have passed away and Wednesday will be my first birthday that I will have without having my grandparents beside me to celebrate.

    • Wow, you really can’t put a value on time can you? I’m sure this birthday will be hard for you, but I’m also sure that your Grandparent’s won’t be far away. x Happy Birthday for the 15th and good luck xxx

  • Kimberlyhert

    Best gift I received was all of my late grandma’s costume jewelry. This month both of my daughter’s will wear a brooch from the collection.

    • Kimberlyhwrt

      To the father daughter dance.

      • That’s so sweet. I wish there were more heirloom pieces in my family – sadly alot of my Grandma’s jewellery was stolen in a burglary. She has however just found her Grandmother’s mother of pearl brooch and has said that I can have it. So I know how special gifts like that are, my cup spilleth over! I’m sure your girls will look so beautiful.
        Good luck xxx