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What if I told you that a delicious and nutritious breakfast could come out of the freezer?


Well I was inspired by my friend Tanya, who is basically the most beautiful Mum there ever was, to make some yummy and very pretty ice lollies.


I know, I know…AND she’s had three children!  It’s not ok to hate her though because she’s really, really nice ?

Tanya described the recipe as ‘smooshing together’ blueberries, yoghurt and cereal.  But for those who aren’t so comfortable with smooshing, I’ve had a few run throughs (for research purposes of course ?) and worked out amounts and methods to  make your ice lollies just perfect .

Blueberry breakfast lollies

You will need

150g blueberries

100g granola 

450g natural yoghurt – plain or flavoured.  For this recipe I use fat free vanilla yoghurt.

Honey (optional)

Blueberry breakfast lollies ingredients granola


  • Place your granola in a freezer bag and crush slightly.  You don’t want to reduce it to dust, you just need to pieces to be fairly small so that the lolly holds together.
  • In a bowl combine the granola and about 4 desert spoonfuls of yoghurt.
  • Stir in a desert spoonful of honey.
  • Blend your blueberries or push them through a sieve.
  • Loosely mix together the blueberries and yoghurt.   It looks better if you don’t fully combine them.  If you’re using plain yoghurt, you might like to add a little honey aswell.
  • Now layer the two mixtures in your moulds.

Blueberry breakfast lollies

  • To make sure that there aren’t any gaps, you’ll need to tap the moulds on your work surface every now and again.  If you’re not sure just use a lolly stick poke the ingredients around.
  • Add a lolly stick to each mould and freeze for several hours,  preferably overnight.

Blueberry breakfast lollies

These have gone down so well in our house and not just as a breakfast treat on hot days.  The lollies are like a small meal!! I’ve found myself grabbing one at lunchtime when I was too hot/busy/lazy to make anything ?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...