Be a social butterfly...

One of Phill’s more quirky personality traits is his insane love for impromptu road trips.  In fact as I type this he is about to embark on one!

Phill will by now, have touched down in Los Angeles where his road trip will begin, safely nestled in a convertible mustang, he and his friends will drive to Las Vegas! Yes, before you ask, I am very jealous!!  But Phill works very hard and he deserves it – I hope he really throws himself into the experience and has the trip of a lifetime!

Yesterday we got up in the wee small hours and tackled the 5 hour (with Phill driving!) car journey to Brighton.  The reason?  We wanted to visit Choccywoccydoodah, the most fabulous chocolate shop in the country and potentially ask them to make our Wedding cake!

After our Wedding Cake consultation at Choccywoccydoodah we decided to take in the delights of Brighton and Brighton was delightful!!!  Really it is up there with Camden on my list of cool places for quirky people and I can’t wait to visit again.

Though we only spent a few hours there we managed to fit in an awful lot!  After we perused the luscious Wedding Cakes we visited The Bar du Chocolate for hot chocolate (on the house)…

… and the most delicious sandwiches – I expected great cake but the excellent savoury food was a really pleasant surprise.

The decoration was in typically quirky Choccywoccy style and…

…the whole ‘bar’ is wonderfully bohemian.  The petite rooms and sculpted tables make you feel as though your in another World…

…or inside the mind of a beautifully bonkers person…

…like this one!! 😉

We didn’t do any shopping but we did pop into ‘Alice Dreams’, a boutique store that looks as though it was opened just for me.

It sold everything ‘Alice’, from lotions to stationary and of course one of my favourite craft books ‘Everything Alice’ .

Like Choccywoccydoodah and the Bar du Chocolate, Alice Dreams was as much an ‘experience’ as a shop!  If you are ever in Brighton I would definitely recommend that you pay them a visit.

It would have been criminal to visit the seaside town without dipping our toes in the sea, especially given the beautiful blue sky.  So off came our tights and in we went.

Phill was more sensible – also he wasn’t wearing any tights!

Once dry(ish) there was just enough time to maintain a few seaside cliches…

…before enjoying Brighton from the sky on the Brighton Wheel, as reccomended by a crazy French bloke off the telly.

Quite a construction, for about 10 minutes, we managed to convince Beth it was made entirely from lego!

She was not amused lol!  When our ‘3 times round’ trip became 7 times and then 8, we did start to get worried that we had been forgotten about – doomed to spend the rest of our days going round and round above the beach!!

But they finally set us free and sadly, it was time to go home.

Brighton was a colourful, friendly, beautiful place and I hope that we are able to go back again soon.







Be a social butterfly...