Be a social butterfly...

Of all the blog badges in all the World….I wanted one that said ‘WINNER’ the most!!

And here it is…

I’m thrilled to have won a Brilliance in Blogging (BiB) award at Brit Mums Live 2013 and can’t explain how much it means to me.  I met some amazing people at the event and hope to stay in touch with all of them 🙂

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Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...

  • Blissful Mama

    Well you totally deserve it! Lovely blog, lovely person, thanks heaps for spending time with me helping me to have the courage to reveal the real me! See you next year I hope!

    • VintageFolly

      Thank you so much. Your particular comment means a great deal to me. Whatever you decide to do, will surely turn out to be the right thing in the end x