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Here it is!!

The bloating from my treatment has gone away now and left behind a proper baby bump 🙂

18 weeks pregnant

I don’t mind telling you, the first trimester was pretty rough – worse than I remember, but then again I am much older than I was last time as my charming loved ones take great pleasure in reminding me!! ;-P

I lost more than 1/2 a stone thanks to heavy all bloody day morning sickness and my anxiety was pretty high following treatment and the small matter of over a decade of infertility.  But now that I can eat more than crackers without taking a sprint towards the bathroom to vomit (grim), I feel so much better!

I love that I no longer wake up convinced that it was all a dream.  It’s nice to finally believe our luck!

I love that I have a definite bump now and don’t just look like I’ve eaten a big lunch.

I love that I can stay awake beyond 8pm.

But most of all I love that I can now feel the baby move.  He or she is such a wriggler – I find myself staying awake just to feel the movements a little longer.  Phill and Beth spend time each day concentrating, trying desperately to feel the little prods and flutters.  They haven’t felt anything yet but it definitely won’t be long.

Here’s our little wriggler at week 13….the next scan is just one week away and I’m hoping that he or she will at least stay still long enough to get a clear picture 🙂

13 weeks

Current cravings: cheese, spice (particularly chilli jam), berries, oranges / orange juice and Coca Cola :-S

Missing thing: blue cheese :-/

Baby things: We started redecorating the Nursery 🙂

Surprising thing: My hands have started to swell every now and again.  It doesn’t last long but it’s weird. 😮

Annoying thing: lower back and hip pain – no more heels for me 🙁

Best thing: proper movements every day!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...