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I’m loving being pregnant SO MUCH!

bump 20 weeks 60style vintage pregnancy

Here’s my 20 week bump – it’s really showing and now we know that it’s a little girl wriggling around in there, we’ve been able to let ourselves loose in the shops…..

baby girls clothes pink vintage

It was so much fun, if a little disappointing, as we could barely find a thing that wasn’t pink.  Amongst the hues of rose and bubble-gum, we managed to find some navy, polka dot vests and a baby blue striped dungaree set, because who says blue is just for boys right?  If you come across any yellow, blue, green, lilac or red baby girl’s clothes…please, I beg you…point me in the right direction!

In other news, this happened…

hair chop hairdresser blonde

I know a lot of pregnant ladies change their hair to something a little more low-maintenance before the baby’s born, but my cut was born more out of necessity rather than practicality.  My hair was just feeling so dry and unmanageable following IVF – going shorter was the obvious thing to do.   But even the hairdressers were a little taken aback by how much I wanted off!

hair bob blonde style lounge

Unfortunately it hasn’t all been fun and games.  I’ve developed fairly chronic hip and back pain and the consultant has diagnoses sciatica.  It feels like a trapped nerve.  Sometimes I can stand up and feel fine, other times I’m in agony and occasionally it feels like my left leg isn’t working at all.

I’ve been treating it with heat, either wheat packs or warm baths and…wait for it…cocodomol!  Who knew I’d be allowed to take this during pregnancy?  I’m taking a very low dose and only on the worst days.  They make me and the baby a little bit sleepy so she doesn’t move around much afterwards.  This scares me to death, so I do my best to manage on just paracetamol and warmth.

Current cravings:  Still Coca Cola :-S but also berries of basically any kind and elderflower.  The elderflower craving is strongest at about 3am.

Missing thing: for the first time I’ve missed wine.  I’d just love a nice glass of red :-/

Surprising thing: that I’ve been prescribed cocodomol!  There’s a line in bold in the leafflet saying ‘do not take when pregnant‘. 😮

Annoying Thing: Itchy skin, particularly on my lower legs.  🙁

Best thing: Being able to refer to the baby as she 🙂

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...