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Well the last few weeks have been an experience to say the least – hence the lack of posts! Here’s the bump at 30 weeks…

30 week baby bump pregnancy journey iff red dress maternity

…and at 32 weeks…

32 weeks baby bump pregnancy journey 3rd trimester maternity  iff

…as you can see, she’s ‘dropped’.  Dropping or lightening are indications that the baby has moved down into a birthing position and I’m pleased to say that baby Palmer is now head down!

This lightening happened at 32 weeks plus 1 day and was such a relief.  Before it happened, I’d been struggling to say the least.  For the 3 or 4 weeks prior, I was out of breath all the time, riddled with heartburn and my pelvis felt like it would crumble at any moment.  Once she’d turned and wiggled her way down, I felt my lungs open, my stomach had room to digest food and my pelvis only had a head to contend with, rather than a whole baby trying sit sideways in my hips!

I’ve decided that I won’t be working up to the day I gave birth.  While this seemed an entirely rational thing to do a few months ago, now it feels ridiculous!  Who the hell did I think I was!?  So I’ll be finishing a week or so into January, that hold give me a few weeks to relax before the madness of caring for a newborn begins.

The run up to Christmas was really hard work and definitely contributed to my decision.  Normally I’m whizzing around like a sugar plum fairy, stringing up lights and making gifts, baking, preserving, tweaking and titivating until our house looks like Santa’s workshop!  This year I just couldn’t do it.  Apart from one Christmas party where with help from a lot of makeup and the hair styling talents of my good friend Ewa, I managed to pull this look out of the bag…

1930s stle hair and make up finger waves vintage faux fur glitter lips

…in truth i spent most of December looking like this…

3rd trimester face

We had a lovely Christmas but it took all my energy just to get through the day and I spent most of the holidays napping.  My back has been incredibly painful and even Braxton Hicks contractions have become painful – there’s been more than one occasion when my tummy’s tightened up, I’ve made a weird noise and Phill’s looked at me with a face that says “is it now???”

Phill told me recently that before he’d experienced a real life pregnant woman he thought that they just got fat and ate pickles until one day at work, their waters broke and in a hilarious movie like manner, their friends, family, colleagues and of course the baby’s father raced to get to the hospital before the pushing started!  He said he hadn’t realised that it was actually hard work and that if you suffered from something like SPD, the last few weeks of pregnancy were like limping to the finish line.  Well now he knows eh 😉  What he also knows is that you should never eat a pregnant woman’s chocolate!


He ate my Toblerone.  Can you imagine the trauma?  I’m 8 months pregnant and my husband ate food that wasn’t specifically issued to him.  I was horrified and had the biggest tantrum ever.  Now I have lots of Toblerone and all is right in the World.

She’s been a very active baby, here she is at 32 weeks while we watched Christmas movies:

By 34 weeks a lot of my fear about the baby has gone away.  Because we’re subject to regular growth scans, I know that she’s likely more than 5lb already, so even if something were to happen and she was born early, baby Palmer should be ok.  Our hospital bag is packed, we’ve covered birth options in our antennal course, the nursery is almost finished and I’ve had my baby shower.….now we really are just waiting for baby.

I still can’t get used to saying that.  🙂

Here’s my bump at 34 weeks, well actually it’s just before….I seem to have taken mainly naked bump photos for the last couple of weeks and they’re strictly not for the internet haha!!

34 weeks pregnant bump green dress 1930s stele vintage hair and make up blonde

Current cravings: apples, pineapples, starchy things like potatoes and vread and …. Toblerone!

Missing thing: I have to admit it, I did miss having a drink over Christmas.  Alcohol free mulled wine was nice but it didn’t quite match it’s boozy counterpart.

Surprising thing: How quickly time is flying by!  I can’t believe we’ve reached this point already.

Annoying thing: This….

8 months pregnant stood up.on train

…having to stand up on my commute.  This is part of the reason why I just have to start maternity leave now.

Best thing: All of it apart from the sore back and tiredness….I love everything else ?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...