Be a social butterfly...

So here we are, baby Palmer and I, finally on the home straight!

37 week bump pregnancy

I’ve now started maternity leave so my days are filled with, well, mainly napping!  I must’ve been running on fumes for the last few weeks because all I’ve been able to do since my last day at work is sleep, sleep and sleep some more.  My team were so lovely.  They held a celebratory buffet for me and sent me home with flowers chocolates and lots of beautiful treats for baby.

I’m so ready to be at home preparing for the baby’s arrival, but I’m definitely going to miss my workmates.  They’ve all earnt their places as honorary Aunties and Uncles for the support they’ve given me over the last 8 months.  Whether it’s been protecting my supply of decaf tea, gushing over scan pictures that even I can’t make sense of or bringing back from the shops whatever satisfies this week’s cravings – they’ve been there and I can’t wait to visit in a few weeks time so that they can all meet my little one 🙂

tulips flowers brown paper

Time is flying by, though I’m sure it will slow down now that I’m not at work everyday.  I’ve had my last appointment with the consultant who says that the baby’s growth has slowed slightly but he isn’t worried and he’s sure that she’ll be here before her due date.  I had thought that too but now I’m not so sure.  Beth had to be induced at 42 weeks and I suppose I’m just now considering that baby Palmer may take after her big sister!

Oh and I dyed my hair!! I figured that once the baby is born, I’d struggle to find the time and money to keep ontop of my blonde.  So I went back to my roots!!  To be honest I miss being blonde already but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Newly brunette

Current Craving: Nothing really, I’m just hungry haha.

Missing thing: Having full use of and access to my body.  I can’t shave my legs, can’t walk without waddling, can’t reach for things….ahh it will be so lovely to just be able to run for a train or pick something up off the floor 🙂

Surprising thing: How quickly 36 weeks has flown by – I can’t believe it’s nearly time 🙂

Annoying thing: Having the urge to nest without any energy to get it done 🙁

Best thing: No more commuting!!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...