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My Auntie Bernadette is lovely.  When she talks about my Wedding, she sounds as excited as I expect she would if I were her daughter as opposed to her niece!  She’s one of those people that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂

When I first told her about the bunting project she said: “I’ll do it! One way or another I’ll do it.” She said this because my Auntie has arthritis, not that you’d ever know given everything that she does! She decided that if she couldn’t make any bunting, she would buy and customise some. I worry that she thought I’d think this was a ‘cop-out’…..I don’t! Her face was a picture when handed me her bag of bunting; she was so worried and the relief when she saw I loved it was so sweet.

And I do love it! Of all the lovely bunting we’ve been sent, this set is Phill’s favourite. It is very long and has brightly coloured polka-dot pennants which Auntie Bernadette has customised with sparkly hearts. It’s so cute and receiving it reminded me of how lucky i am to have such a family.

I just know that this bunting will look amazing against the black and white back-drop of Samlesbury Hall!!

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...