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Every Mum has been there…..the cold, concrete jungle of the playground: the place with more politics than Parliament and more hormones than a high school changing room!  The school yard can be a scary place, especially if, like mine, your child goes to a school in a very middle class area and you’d put money on the fact that, for a time, you’ll be the youngest Mum there.

Eventually though the sheer terror subsides and most women make friends that they will keep for years and years.  I have met some fantastic ladies.  One of them is Michelle and one of them is my Clare-Bear (named as such because she used to run the local Rainbows Group).  Beth calls her Auntie Clare-Bear and considers her gorgeous daughter a cousin as we realised a family connection via Beth’s Auntie and Clare’s niece.

Clare and I share a passion for vintage, handmade, and faux-snobbery!  We have a frighteningly similar sense of humour and despite our best efforts, frequently buy the same outfits!!    I was handed this beautiful bunting during Bethany’s ‘Chick Party’ and had 13 little girls running around so I didn’t really take it all in straight away.  It was later, when I unfolded, triangle after triangle and thought about how much the sentiment actually meant to me, that I became a little bit emotional.

Clare has been calling me Mrs Almost Palmer since the day Phill and I became engaged and when it came to making some beautiful bunting for our wedding, it featured the words ‘Mrs Always Palmer’.

The pennants are made from different colours of gingham, which I love and which whether it was intended or not, reminds me that Clare and I forged our friendship on the school playground.

There are literally meters and meters of this lovely bunting, with each letter sewn on by hand.  I love it!!!  I can’t wait to see it strung from beam to beam on our Wedding Day.  Thank you Clare-Bear xxx

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...