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Look at this pretty face, I have been looking at it since I was four years old and it’s a cracker!!

Though she and I have known each other since 1988, Kat and I became particularly close in our early twenties.  After a difficult separation from my daughter’s Father, Kat quite literally picked me up, dusted me off and helped me to find a new lease of life.

A size six, I was convinced I was fat(!) and was so lacking in confidence that I had become something of a recluse; I spent all my time at work or a home with Beth and dressed like a forty year old!!  Kat forced me into a pair of hot pants and dragged me back to my twenties!  We lived a crazy life for a few months and then out came the new me, the real me at the end of it: confident, silly and ready for a full and happy life.  Our friendship has not been without it’s trials, but how many 24 year long relationships go by without a few hiccups?

Kat appeals to my fiery side, my bright-side, my daft side……but there are lots of other sides to me and there are things that we don’t have in common.   One of those sides is my crafty side.  Although she is creative and colourful, ‘crafty’ is not a word I think anyone would have used to describe Kat.  She famously loves bright lights and fast living and just isn’t the kind of woman that you would imagine with a needle and thread in her hand….that has all changed.

In mine and Phill’s honour, she has taught herself to sew, whiling away hours on end sewing yards and yards of this beautiful bunting by hand.  It really is beautiful.  The fabric is a pale green colour with a gorgeous teacup print.  Each pennant is finished with a lovely lace trim and strung on rustic twine.

It’s lovely, it really is.  I hope I don’t sound patronising when I say that I’m really proud of her 🙂  This sewing malarky may have sparked a crafting bug in my friend, who has been making some fantastic accessories for discerning ladies….but that’s another post 😉

Love Rachel
Vintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...