Be a social butterfly...

I am lucky enough to have a Godmother.  My Godmother is my Auntie Lizzie.  The planning of my Wedding has not been as easy, as fun or as affectionate as I would’ve liked.  I won’t go into details, but I will go as far as saying that some family members who should have been by my side throughout this process have been very much absent.

My Auntie Liz has not replaced these people, no-one has.  Countless people have offered, even begged to be allowed to be involved but, if anything I have pushed a lot of people away during the planning and done most of things myself (please don’t feel sorry for me, this was ultimately my choice.).  Seamstress appointments, florist decisions, hair trials…all just me.  Auntie Liz however, insisted that I be spoilt and treated like a Bride on at least one day.  She asked that she be allowed to buy my shoes.

We had been looking for a specific pair of Christian Louboutins, which were out of stock everywhere for months on end.  When I received a call saying they were in stock at Selfridges, Trafford, I suddenly had a change of heart.  Were these shoes really that special?? No.  So we didn’t buy them. My Auntie Liz and I debated for all of five minutes before buying my Wedding shoes and they are mad!!!  I can’t wait to show you.  They fit perfectly and are so comfortable that I will be able to dance all night!  All of a sudden it was real.  I was getting married.  I would walk down the aisle in these shoes.

My Auntie Liz is a pub Landlady and so knows how to command a room, but I have never seen her so at home as I did amongst those stores!  She just knows how to deal with things: “we’ll try these in these sizes and then these and then it’s time for a nice cup of tea and….so on”.  We got so much done.  Because we didn’t spend anywhere near the amount first envisaged on my wedding shoes, Auntie Liz took me for my underwear too…not wedding night underwear you understand…..I’m talking about wedding dress upholstery!!!

I felt really special.  I hadn’t had that moment yet when a female family member takes the Bride in hand and just sorts things out: it was lovely, much needed and I really felt like ‘the bride’.   My Auntie Liz is not a lady who sews bunting, but she is a lady who fixes things.  After the serious business of wedding shopping we stopped to look at a butterfly bag.  My Auntie Liz is obsessed with butterflies.  Whilst browsing I saw this ready-made bunting.  Isn’t it lovely?

I decided to buy it to remember the day I’d had with Auntie Liz.  This pennant has a Union Flag which I love and butterflies which are Auntie Lizzie’s favourite things.  I know it’s cheating a bit because it was me that bought it but I don’t care.  Auntie Liz doesn’t sew…she shops!  She and my Aunties have done their very best to support me, despite the fact that I haven’t exactly been the most open to support!  I just want to say thank you…thank you so much.  You will never know how much you are loved.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...