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With just over three weeks until we get married (eek!) all of a sudden my diary is FULL of commitments!  This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing; I am such a worrier, so prone to over-thinking that in the run up to such a massive event, distractions are welcome.   That said….I would love a little break in the pace right now!

I seem to have spent a lot of time making beautiful things recently.  Ordinarily when I have made something that I’m proud of, I would share it with all you lovelies; but right now I can’t.  Most of my crafting is wedding related and I want to keep things secret as much as possible.  At least I can now show you our invitations!!  The image is one that I found in a wedding magazine.  Despite asking for more information from the magazine and scouring the internet for something as nice, we hit a brick wall.  So, I copied it by hand and altered the image and the wording to reflect our personalities and the details of the day.  We added some colourful ribbon and voila!  What do you think?

As men have Stag parties and women have Hen parties, it was only right that Bethany be allowed a ‘Chick party’ before our big day!  I don’t have many photographs as everything was just a little bit manic, but I can show you the cakes that the girls were enjoying (by enjoying read, becoming hyper!)!  We had 13 young ladies at our house for a Dinner of junk food and a bit of a girly pampering session.  Then we took them all, nails painted, hair coiffed to the local under 12s disco.   I believe a good time was had by all 😉

Aswell as sending out invitations, I have had a wedding hair trial (which I can’t show you) and finally got my wedding shoes (which I can’t show you!), but it hasn’t all been about the wedding.  A good friend of mine recently turned 30 and we celebrated on a canal barge!! It was the most fun I’ve ever had in such a confined space and I would recommend the experience to anyone!

What I wouldn’t necessarily recommend is boarding someone else’s barge like my friend Donna and I!!  Luckily the lady who owned this barge was very friendly, as was her rather large dog 🙂

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...