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I did pretty well to avoid putting on alot of weight during pregnancy – it was afterwards that things went a bit pear shaped….literally!

28 weeks pregnant bump

Much as I wish I was back in my pre- pregnangy wardrobe, I’ve had to buy some new clothes and learn how to flatter my new body.  It’s given me the chance to seek out some slightly more practical and above all accessible (as I’m still breastfeeding) items.

Mmm practical + accessible = boring right? Wrong!!

Collectif Pippa dungarees Britanny vintage

There are so many amazing reproduction vintage designs out there that really fit the bill and look fantastic.  So much so that when I do finally reach my pre-baby weight, I’ll probably just re-purchase all the same things in a smaller size!

The first item I bought was a pair of Pippa dungarees from Collectif.  While these aren’t expensive, they aren’t cheap either costing £45.

Collectif Pippa dungarees review vintage britanny

You feel the quality straight away – this denim is heavy!  It has alot of dye on it too and turned my legs blue the first time I wore them, so be careful with your laundry!

The waist fits fairly true to size and the wide leg trousers are a good length for me at 5″6(and a half!).  I can turn the legs up once or twice depending on how long I want them.

Collectif Pippa dungarees review vintage britanny

The clips are secure so your straps don’t unfasten willy nilly and if you cross them over at the back they don’t fall down easily.

The only thing I don’t love is the concealed side zip which should make for a neat finish but doesn’t.   Unfortunately the thin flap that should cover the zip actually sticks up.

You have the usual annoying, fake pockets on the front ? but real ones on the back and on the bust.  Although what you’d carry in a boob pocket I don’t know!?

So would I recommend them?

Collectif Pippa dungarees review vintage britanny

100% yes.  The fit it fantastic – they literally hug your bottom and the high waist means that no matter how many times you bend down for baby or sit on the floor to sing five little ducks…you’re never going to flash your bum to the rest of the baby sensory / sing and sign / storytime group *delete as applicable.

These dungarees are really comfortable and can be dressed up or down in so many different ways.  I like to wear them with a plain white or Breton striped top and a red head scarf, but they’d look great with a buttoned shirt, some sweet knitwear or a band tee.  In any case, because they’re so well fitted, they manage to remain chic and avoid the ‘CBEEBIES presenter look!

What do you think?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...