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We’ve officially moved.  I hate moving.  We have moved house for so many reasons and though not all of them were positive, so far the outcome is entirely so.

Our family is in a strange state of transition at the moment, our lives are completely muddled and boxed up!

One of the most positive outcomes of our house-move is that we can be more settled.  Our old house, though fabulous was being rented from a couple who actually wanted to sell and we might have been given notice to move at any moment.  Moving now, means that we are more secure and that can only be a good thing for the three of us and maybe for an extra person too.  I feel like this is where we will live, while everything ‘happens’.

Phill and I get married in two months and although we’ve lived together for some time now, painting these walls and filling this space with our personalities really feels like the beginning of our lives together.

Beth, though a little disgruntled about the loss of her en suite and large bedroom and less than enthusiastic about the task of unpacking, already seems so much brighter in the new house.  The more and more we simplify our lives, the happier she becomes.  With less space we are already living as a closer family and with a reduced financial burden, we can spend so much more quality time with her. Less really is more  🙂

Despite the lack of order I love coming home to my mismatched, half-unpacked rooms and Phill…..I actually think I saw him relax the other day!!!

This house is becoming home and I really do think that moving here might prove to be one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...