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By day she’s a mild mannered blogger with a penchant for 50s style……

vintage syle jumper collectif clothing

….by night she’s a glamorous diva who flies across town to spend school nights sipping champagne cocktails and playing roulette!

JB_WTT@vintage_folly_3 thomas cook milton club divas glam vegas*

I really did do a super hero quick change as I finished work, dashed into the loo and emerged transformed, just ten minutes later, ready to go to the most glamorous event … to be held in Manchester … on a Wednesday.

fabulous las vegas thomas cook divas glam vegas

Thomas Cook Airlines invited a group of bloggers to come to The Milton Club and hear all about their new Las Vegas holidays.  The dress code was clear ….glamorous!  Of course in true burlesque fan fashion, I read that as SPARKLY and there could only be one dress!   It was bought for me by Phill back in 2012 and I wore it only once before I got really comfortable , lazy,  became too plump to fit into it.  Well since the new diet’s kicked in it fits and zipping it up feels amazing!

JB_WTTTHOMAS_COOKE_32 thomas cook milton club cocktails*

Unusually for me I was one of the first to arrive and be greeted by a nice glass of Viva Las Vegas, a pomegranate, Prosecco cocktail.  There was a makeover station where you could have false lashes (not my friends) or Ombre lips.  Yes – ombre.   I went with the lips and let the make up artists choose the colour – she plumped for a retro salmon pink.

ombre lips diva glam vegas*

Suitably made up, it was time to make my way to the roulette table where I pretended to know what I was doing until I almost did.  I played quite well….for a little while anyway – thankfully we were playing for ‘Diva dollars, which were exchangeable only for kudos.

diva dollars

While trying my luck with roulette, I spotted Britney Spears stood next to me.  Now I have to be honest, I don’t know if it was the Cocktails, the long day at work or the distraction of all those chips, but I didn’t click straight away that she was a look alike, despite the fact that she looks, well, just like Britney!  I saw her and thought wow – some people have really taken the Vegas theme and run with it?  It wasn’t until she climbed on the bar that I realised what a numpty I’d been!

Oh and er…. there was a photo booth haha!

280 photo booth divas glam vegas thomas cook

101 photo booth divas glam vegas

101 photo booth divas glam vegas

hoto booth divas glam vegas thomas cook

I hope this is what Vegas is actually like!  A place where you dress like a diva, sip cocktails amongst bright lights and find yourself playing roulette with the stars – or at least people who look like them!

Thanks for a great night Thomas Cook – feel free to take me out for cocktails and roulette any time you like 🙂

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Love Rachel


PS.  Images marked with a * were taken by the official photographer.


Be a social butterfly...