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Not content with having a super stylish pram liner – our Dot now has a dotty play mat too 😊

Bambella playmat dotty polkadot coral baby

Bambella playmats are made with the same lovely fabric as their pram liners.  Thanks to the fact that it lives on the floor, ours has been washed ALOT and hasn’t suffered for it.

We have wooden floors throughout the house and Dottie’s only recently learned to sit up.  Although the padding isn’t thick enough to cushion her fall when she wobbles over, it definitely makes for a more comfortable surface for her to wriggle around on.

Bambella play mat dotty polka dot baby feet

I have to be honest – I wish we’d had this when Dorothy was small and stationary!  Just from a visual point of view – how cute would her teeny tiny baby photos have been?!

Mind you, we do still get the odd occasion when she does stay still enough for photographs 😀

Baby sunglasses Elton john

At the moment Dorothy is seldom still.  She’s trying to crawl and so tends to bunch the mat up or roll off it completely.

Bamnesia playmat polka dot spotty coral fox baby jellycat

It would have been great to use it back in the days when she just laid around being adorable or when we were struggling to find the right surface for her to have some tummy time.  We used to lie her under her activity gym to play, but then we couldn’t lie next to her.  Now I find myself rolling around with her or practicing some of the moves we learned at baby yoga (honest 😉).

It isn’t wasted though -the mat is great for creating an area for the baby that you try and fail to keep the pets away from.

Review of Bambella playmat

We also have a teepee for when she’s a little older and eventually her playmat will live in there.

We chose matching fabric to our pram liner but which would you have chosen?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...

  • I love her playmat. It’s so pretty with those gold polka dots.

    • VintageFolly

      I think it’s so pretty too.x

  • Oh my goodness your wee girlie is so cute. I love the picture with her in the sunglasses!!

    • VintageFolly

      Like Elton John’s offspring 😄

  • This is such a cute playmat, I adore the pattern!

    • VintageFolly

      Thanks Mill. . I LOVE polka dots x

  • Francesca Nelson

    Oh my, Dorothy is a little beauty!!! Loving her playmat is gorgeous that with the pineapple glasses haha a win! I sometimes think life would be easier if my youngest couldn’t move around and climb so much haha but thats really a big part of why I love him, his character shone out a lot more once he was moving around!

    • VintageFolly

      Yep we’re certainly starting to see a lot of character x

  • Elanor

    It’s always difficult to find comfy places to put babies when they are little, this one looks brilliant though and the fabric is lovely! 🙂

    • VintageFolly

      Agreed! ! Won’t be long before she’s on the move!

  • That is lovely. It looks really comfy as well as being stylish too.

    • VintageFolly

      She definitely seems to find it comfortable.

  • First of all, Dorothy is SUCH a cute name!!
    Secondly, I love this mat! I love polka dots, let alone gold ones. It’s so pretty x

    • VintageFolly

      Thank you, she’s our rainbow baby X we’ve loves dots too.x

  • Ickle Pickle

    I love the mat – and Dotty is just totally adorable! Gold polka dots are just the best! Kaz x

    • VintageFolly

      She’s mega cute isn’t she 😄